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Content Starts GAIME of Life

The intended design behind GAIME of Life is to teach us how we can shape the stories we tell about ourselves and others, and more broadly of the world around us. 

We ask Mentees and Mentors to be wildly imaginative with their ideas, why do we ask this? We’re embedding the idea that nothing is impossible. For young people who may have grown up in circumstances where they’re not encouraged to try new things or have the view that it’s bad to fail, we’re working in this session to build the idea that it’s empowering to try new things, it’s empowering to believe in a new pathway for yourself, it’s cool to be creative, it’s fun to problem solve.

Want to try a game or two with the Mentors or friends to get a feel of the game flow and outcomes?? Here’s a link to the full rule book and a digital deck of cards to get you started. All you will need is a story as a stimulus to get you started.