Before you embark on your journey through IMAGI-NATION, we invite you to watch our comprehensive video guide. This isn’t just a video; it’s your roadmap to navigating the diverse landscapes of opportunities that IMAGI-NATION offers. Investing your time in this visual narrative will empower you to choose the visa type that best aligns with your unique path, ensuring a more enriching and impactful experience. These minutes spent will be your first step in a transformative journey.

Dig into the philosophy behind IMAGI-NATION

A shift from transactional to relational economies, urging us to redefine value through Indigenous systems thinking and the strength of our relationships.


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Custodian Visas

12-month commitment for network leaders and changemakers, offering a pathway to mentorship and governance.

Action Visas

A 12-month pathway to shift from transactional to relational economies, anchored by specific accreditation outcomes. Opening early 2024.

Knowledge Visas

Access to a wealth of resources and interactive learning experiences, delivered directly to your inbox.

Systems Change Studio Visas

A 12-month residency for high-impact projects aimed at fostering scalable, free-to-use solutions for humanity.

Toolshed Visas

Designed for skilled individuals committed to contributing over 30 hours of their expertise to enrich humanity’s collective knowledge.