We’ve got a story of change that’s lit up the world since 2005, one kid at a time. It’s a simple idea, mentoring.

It’s a proven model to end inequality and bring the powerful and powerless together, cost-effectively and at scale.

We've ended educational inequality

We do that by building mentoring bridges between universities and high schools, between the powerful and the powerless, the haves and the have nots. We know that our fiery and intuitive brand of mentoring ends the cycle of disadvantage by permanently changing mindsets. Based in Redfern, Australia, our operation runs across campuses worldwide.

Year 12 Attainment over the last 5 years

We’re cost-effective

As at 2019, every $ spent on AIME, $8.90 worth of benefits are generated for the society.

For every $1 invested, $8.90 return

We're scalable

What started as a simple idea working with 25 mentees at the University of Sydney is now a global movement of change through mentoring, fueled by university students, and the model is set for rapid expansion till 2025.

100k Kids by 2025

And most importantly…

Don’t just take our word for it…


Economic Evaluation of AIME Mentoring by KPMG

This evaluation by KPMG shows that AIME returns $8 back into the economy for every $1 invested, and most importantly the program has literally closed the education gap for 10,000+ Indigenous Australian kids who have been through it


Open Letter to Universities

An open letter from University & business leaders across Australia in support of AIME


AIME Mentoring - A Solution for Educational Inequality

This White Paper explores issues of educational inequality in the U.S. and presents an evidence-based case for AIME.


2016 Annual Story

2016 was another year of transformational education and wonderful outcomes for the Indigenous kids participating in AIME across Australia. It was also a year of exploring new evolutionary pathways for the AIME model.

AIME achieves the Holy Grail of educational interventions
AIME Mentoring - A Solution for Educational Inequality

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