Born out of the longest continuous human civilisation on Earth, with 60,000+ years of imagination backing us, AIME is an imagination lab to solve the greatest challenges of our times and we do this by bringing together an unlikely group of humans, more-than-human species, organizations & networks to build a fairer world for all.

I. THE ORIGIN STORY: 2005 – 2016

Short story – Welcome to AIME (3.5 mins)

Created in 2005 as a global social change movement fuelled by imagination and mentoring, we helped alleviate inequity in Australia by unlocking:

  • 25,000+ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students achieving educational parity & excellence by finishing their schooling and transitioning to post secondary pathways at the same rate or better than their non-Indigenous counterparts, closing a 40+% gap.  
  • 10,000+ University students rising up as mentors to build the  largest such volunteer movement in Australia and setting the precedence for the global case study that was to follow. 
  • 6+ years of independent University-led research has validated our impact on mentees, mentors & the wider community and its potential to shift systems at large.

Long story – AIME Australian Story (29 mins)


Short story – COGS (2.5 mins)

Since going global in 2016, and having built deep roots across the continents of Australia, Africa, North America, AIME has been building a fairer world with our impact network now spanning 52 countries. The complex story can be accessed in a couple of ways:

  • HARVARD CASE STUDIES: You can read more about the scaling journey through the Harvard Business Case Study & Supplement on AIME.
  • KPMG ECONOMIC EVALUATION: $8.9 worth of impact for every $ invested into AIME, equating to ~$1.17 Billion worth net direct impact to the economy (KPMG, 2018).
  • FILM: To come on a journey with us, and ride the waves of change we went through, watch 7 Down.

Long story – 7 Down (47 mins)


Short story – Systems Change (2.5 mins)

Understanding the need for changing the systems that underpin everything to truly build a fairer world, we have been building a suite of systemic solutions by centering Indigenous Knowledge Systems and intelligence from other marginalised sources and bringing them to the front of the design queue. 

Long story – The Mentor Podcast (62 mins)


Short story – IMAGI-NATION Hand Animation (1 min)

We have now digitised all of the above as AIME’s network of networks serving as the most multi-disciplinary cross-hatched lab for humanity, fusing the best of humanity powered by the internet to launch a virtual nation, IMAGI-NATION, that centers intelligence from outside the margins into the mainstream systems design and activates humanity as a whole to healthier patterns synched with natural economies.

  • This relational digital network is for all people from inside and outside the margins, and 50+ of some of humanity’s best organisations & networks per year for the next decade (i.e. a total of 500 organisations / networks max), to come together in unlikely connections and rewire our unhealthy systems & solve the challenges of our times. 
  • To model a healthy regenerative sustainable system, AIME has an intentional death date set for March 2033, after which we cease operations & return our IP back to Nature and the ecosystem around us.
  • The symbol of the movement is the iconic AIME Hoodie that connects everyone from around the world, and the underlying economic framework that underpins our entire systems is “Hoodie Economics”.

Long story – IMAGI-NATION Immersive Showcase (25 mins)

To power all this, we’re in the midst of raising $100M to fund our work till 2033, and inviting systems thinkers and designers to partner with us to change the way the world works. Wanna partner with us, or dig deeper into the story, reach out to pj@aimementoring.com.

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