We’re building a measurement system that brings numbers, stories, ripple effect, network potential over time and other dimensions into play for a multidimensional view of impact. 

The big prize is returning humanity to our custodial relationship with each other and Nature by centering imagination as the critical skill to get us there, and by using mentoring as the methodology to allow this knowledge to be transferred freely across generations. We will:

  • Model a relational network, connecting us to people and ideas we’ll never likely encounter and change the way the world works by providing a scalable alternative to the current sick social networks of today without their self-serving algorithms.
  • Unearth for humanity the most enduring source of human knowledge on the planet – Indigenous systems thinking, fusing it with the best of modern knowledge systems to support the world’s largest lab of co-design within complex systems. 
  • Create an ecosystem of 1Million+ activated stakeholders (see following point); completing 100+ systems change projects to showcase scalable impact and shifting current unhealthy systems at play in education, employment, finance, fashion, sustainability etc.; and leaving behind 50+ valuable tools, designed to continue to shape the design of our living systems well into the future.

Activated Stakeholders

Through IMAGI-NATION, the following key stakeholder groups will be activated directly, with each of these having the potential to impact millions of humans thereafter: 

  1. 1M young people from marginalised communities establishing custodial economies to return humankind back to Nature as IMAGI-NATION Presidents
  2. 1000 Indigenous Knowledge Systems Labs created and networked as the key decentralised knowledge network across all of Earth’s bio-regions
  3. 1000 cities / councils accredited in Imagination / Custodianship / Mentoring
  4. 1000 organisations accredited as JOY Corps to redesign themselves in healthier patterns for their employees, communities and natural ecosystems
  5. 1000 schools becoming Imagination Labs and working on systemic solutions
  6. 1000 systems change citizens unlocked and networked to solve world problems
  7. 1000 Universities training students as mentors for knowledge transference
  8. 1000 Very Important Kind People accredited and celebrated at 100 Kindfests to model a kindness economy for the world
  9. 1000 art galleries accredited as IMAGI-NATION Galleries using art and imagination as tools for systemic change