The History of AIME

Get an insight into how it all began...

When 25 Indigenous and non-Indigenous University of Sydney students walked down to Alexandria Park Community School in Redfern, Sydney, to meet with 25 Indigenous high school students, little did they realise that eight years later, more than 1000 Indigenous kids and 1000 uni students would be doing the same thing across the east coast of Australia.

Well, what we tried worked. It was young people working with young people, and the kids responded. That was the beginning of AIME, and in the eight years since, the Program has been implemented at over 100 schools and ten university sites in three states. AIME kids are finishing school at almost the same rate as every Australian child – they are leading the closing of the gap... and doing it today.

Supporting this evolution is a growing contingent of staff, from AIME’s first unpaid staff member in 2005, to a 40-strong team in 2012. In 2013, AIME looks to new frontiers; namely to expand our Program to Western Australia and South Australia. And that one unpaid member of staff? He's now our 27-year-old CEO.

Join AIME CEO Jack Manning Bancroft as he recalls how, together with three amazing friends, he launched AIME on its incredible journey.

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