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After 18 years of hanging out with AIME, I’m excited to share the feeling we have as we gear up for the most important 10 years of our work.

This is the chance to release a global alternative to social networks at scale, built on the 18 years of this relational network, a relational economy and nation.

IMAGI-NATION will center the intelligence from outside the margins at the front of the systemic design process for the next century and beyond.

We are moving the world to value intelligence and systems thinking from Indigenous systems thinkers and those that have been shut out by the castles, models and patterns we’ve inherited.

We’ve also thought about our legacy as an organisation, about what we can leave behind, to help provide a platform for unlikely connections at scale, a network for the centering of wisdom and intelligence from outside the margins, and then showcase the value of this relational economic way, this riteway of flow. 

And then we are going to bounce off the table, we have just approved at board level AIME’s intentional death 10 years from now, to open up this world of economic, social, network wealth and health, and then do what mentors do, pass it on.

We believe we are all in relation, that our organisations in part are so unhealthy because they work in isolation, they are not in relation, they are not working to intentional death to then pass on the knowledge and intelligence to other organisations to increase the overall network health.

In order to accelerate this work, to do more in 10 years than we may have in 50, we are going all in for the next 10 years. Today we share with you our plan to take $$ out of the equation, to raise $100M to fund our network for the next 10 years, and once it’s raised we won’t be taking another $$. We’ll be connecting the wealth with the intelligence and be the platform and broker between the brilliance we know is out there and the financial capital that has yet to value that marginal intelligence at the front of the systems design process.

Once we raise the $100M we’ll be going fully relational to focus on Hoodie Economics, relational economics, exchanges of time, knowledge and opportunities, and we’ll create the platform to see huge relational wealth exchanged at scale.

I’ve written a book on Hoodie Economics which comes out next year and over the next 6 months we’ll share some of the philosophy in our thinking and where we are heading. 

As we look ahead we are excited to be going full throttle at capacity building, creating tools and systemic change.

Some of our 10-year systemic projects which we can announce today that we’ll be working on in IMAGI-NATION include:

1) 1 billion mentors trained via Go1 + 5000 organisations activated as JOY Corps training their staff and building their own mentoring bridges to high schools

2) Nature fund outta NYC with Ethic and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Labs to centre nature as a financial tool with Indigenous systems thinking at the front of the design process

3) Centering Imagination and planetism in every classroom with LearningPlanetto see the intelligence of our young people activated with their imaginative best to be able to inherit life on the earth and shape a healthier model for humanity to connect and live in synergy with our planet and all of its inhabitants.

4) We are in conversation with Khan Academy about training every teacher in the world to be a mentor

5) Kindness economy project – HUMAN/KIND/\\/KIND\HUMAN with music festivals around the world

And there’s plenty more emerging once IMAGI-NATION opens – think of IMAGI-NATION as MIT Media labs x 1000000.

Today we can also announce some of the partners that will work towards securing the $100M financial capital. Inequity is 7 billion people and I couldn’t see how the inequity faced by Indigenous people in Australia would change without shifting our global economies and where we source intelligence from and put our attention to. The team and I are really proud that we believe most of the $100M will be generated beyond Australia’s borders, and our work with groups like Ethic and so many more centre a global economy for Indigenous systems thinkers.

We are hopeful this will be our last Australian federal government agreement and we’ll leave behind a national economy around mentoring and unlikely connections, around systemic patterns, imagination, hope and action, and we’ll do the same on a global scale when we unlock for humanity the largest source of intelligence on planet earth, intelligence from outside the margins.

We are excited to announce our partners as part of Giving Tuesday globally and we are hopeful of raising $100M before the end of the year. Here’s our first round of partner announcements:

1. $10M joint-raise with Jane Goodall Institute, with $8M for AIME’s work

2. $10M joint-raise with LearningPlanet, with $5M each for our 2 organisations

We have finished this email with two deeper texts to explain the next 10 years:

1. 100 Pages in colour

2. 20+ pages in black and white

Both documents dig into the detail and philosophy. There is a world to be changed. 10 years, let’s go all in, we are very excited to have the chance to move where we as a species place value with our time, knowledge and opportunities and remember our custodial ways to activate a healthier, kinder, more joyful, fairer world.

Sending you the best of vibes.

Jack MB

AIME CEO and Founder

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