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AIME is a global organisation working to transform education from the inside out, to create equality, more access to opportunities, and a fairer world for marginalised children.

AIME’s structured mentoring model unlocks the potential of marginalised children to overcome some of the barriers to success they face, by inspiring them and those around them to imagine and create a future different from the predetermined narrative of impending disadvantage that surrounds them. The program also aims to develop a sense of pride in these children, help them see the value education can bring them, and develop leadership skills and ambitions early on.

about aime

Since it was founded in 2005, AIME has worked with 39,000 Indigenous kids in Australia, who have achieved educational parity and beyond. Over 6,000 university students in Australia have volunteered with AIME since 2005, making it the largest volunteer movement in Australian history. Having scaled and proven its model of mentoring in Australia, AIME has now expanded the model across the continents of Africa and the USA.

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AIME’s commitment is to keep building its Social Network for Good, a worldwide movement of people who want to create a fairer world and build bridges between those with power and those without, and to use the Imagination Curriculum and its 21 mentoring values, featured below, to change the world. The organisation has set out to do this by:

  • Helping marginalised kids reach educational parity and beyond, and accelerating entrepreneurship and changing mindsets among them;
  • Giving privilege a purpose by offering those who will have power tomorrow the chance to volunteer today as university mentors, working with school teachers to change mindsets and transform schools;
  • Offering those with power today the chance to create policy change, give away their wealth and create more equal opportunities for all.

In 2019, AIME received the global Top 50 Organisations in Education award for its significant contributions towards the field of education.


Our 21Values

We have distilled the essence of our model of mentoring into 21 core values and used these values to develop a suite of training tools to get a generation of mentors ready to light the spark of marginalised youth worldwide.

AIME's 21 Values