IntroducingImagi-Nation TVImagi-Nation TV

 Live every weekday 12pm AEST 

A chance for kids at home to have mentors in their lives to Make Sense of Today & Imagine Tomorrow

A mentor in the home for every kid, every day.

AIME was founded in 2005 to bring mentors into the lives of kids left behind. Since then we’ve grown to become global experts in mentoring - last year being awarded one of the top 50 education groups in the world.

We created IMAGI-NATION{TV} & the IMAGI-NATION{CLASSROOM} experience to put a mentor in the home every day during the tough times of COVID-19 and beyond. It’s a daily TV show broadcast live on the Internet, and it’s a gift for teachers, parents and kids to help make sense of today & imagine tomorrow.

Come join us & watch the show!
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Support IMAGI-NATION{TV}, checkout the IMAGI-NATION Hoodie for sale over at our apparel shop. Every sale from this hoodie goes towards keeping mentors in our global virtual classrooms!


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Hello, I’m hope, let’s make magic together!

We’re looking for partners of all kinds, whether you’re a company, a school, uni or a future guest - we’d love to talk. This show is not about entertainment to pass the time, your funds and the work we do together will be an investment in providing a stage to elevate knowledge.

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