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IMAGI-NATION TV is for marginalised kids across the earth’s surface to have a daily mentor in their lives. It takes the magic of AIME’s Imagination Factory to laptops, phones, and homes across the world.

Imagi-Nation TV

A mentor in the home for every kid, every day.

This is a show for those kids sitting at the back of the classroom, delivering the message that we see them, that there are a multitude of kids just like them ready to rise up, and that this is their moment to lead.

And today, it’s about those with knowledge and experience gathering together in one moment so we are not alone, so that we move through tough times and great times with a sense of connectedness.

The classroom and studio is Google. Guests join from their homes. The broadcast space is YouTube.

Spinning Earth


World-class teachers and knowledge holders, across our schools and universities and further abroad; the philosophers & big picture thinkers of the world.

Spinning Earth


Presidential Speech for IMAGI-NATION

Every week, students from across the world are given the stage to deliver a 3-minute speech as the President of IMAGI-NATION. They will focus on the topic of the week, and use the space to inspire us all to make sense of the world today so we can imagine the world tomorrow.

CHAOS Classroom

Join AIME Founder & CEO Jack Manning Bancroft and 15 students from across Australia and around the world who will take part in a 7 minute hyperdrive lesson on the topic theme of the week. See a real life case study as to how to run a classroom digitally amongst the chaos of today.

We’ll also be inviting boss human guest teachers take on the reins of the CHAOS Classroom and run a session on any one of our 21 core values.

Spinning Earth


Those building the world today and tomorrow. There’s no limit to what we believe is “design”.

You’ll have the chance to dance around a big picture topic with 2 other panelists. We are elevating the knowledge of designers who have got us here today, who have created the world we live in. We are exploring the mindsets, processes, philosophy and thinking patterns that have taken you to where you are now.

Spinning Earth


"Cancelled, not cancelled"

Each week AIME gives the stage to a festival or conference that has been cancelled to have some level of publicity and promotion.

To inspire marginalised kids to rise up and change their world. To inspire us all to seek knowledge, to find inspiration in ideas, and embrace the kindness of someone sharing what they know with us.

Spinning Earth


What can we create in 25 minutes?

Up to 5 artists will join us for 25 minutes to set out on a creative adventure. To make something from nothing. To show us that we all have art in us, we can all create, if only we begin to imagine.

Musician performance "Let the music play"

Each week, AIME will profile musicians who will have the chance to play a song live on IMAGI-NATION TV. We see the value of music to bring people together, to inspire us in dark times, to give us love and hope. This segment is to keep the music playing in the face of concerts, festivals and gigs being cancelled worldwide.

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