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Stitched with kindness 😊

16.09.2018 / By Munjed Al Muderis

Christmas Island is where I learnt the most valuable lesson of my life, the act of human kindness. I was asked to interpret for the Australian Federal Police while they intercepted a boat. One of the Deputies asked me, “when was the last time you spoke to your family?” I replied “just before I left Jakarta”. The Deputy told me that he was putting his job on the line, pulled out a satellite phone and asked me to sit on the ground. He told me to call my family.…

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Entitled to make a positive change ✊🏾🌷

09.09.2018 / By Mercy Ngulube

I talk about the entitlement that is so often spoken of millennials. The one thing I love people feeling entitled to is the right to change their circumstances, for the better. So many of the problems we see in the world today come because of disregard of the simple ability to be kind, to care and to empathise. So many of the solutions we’ve seen in response to injustice, have come because people understand the importance of exercising their ability to change their circumstances. …

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If you believe, you can achieve 🚀

26.08.2018 / By Vhutali Nelwamondo

I work to tell the kids like me that I believe they can do anything they wish to, as long as they put in the work. I work to tell them failing is part of learning. I work to remind them of how many people failed before them and still made their dreams come true. I work to revive the power of volunteerism in university students and raise awareness of the social responsibilities we all have towards our younger generation. …

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