For 15+ years, the core work of AIME has been our on-the-ground mentorship programs. As we look ahead and see tremendous need to scale these programs to reach hundreds of thousands of young people, our primary goal is to expand our mentor base. IMAGI-NATION {Presidents} are currently enrolled university and college students who are commit to leading AIME chapters on their campuses in the name of uplifting at-risk youth through mentorship – and are essential to the growth of our impact.

Change Project

For their year-long change project, IMAGI-NATION {Presidents} commit to leading an AIME chapter at their University or College: mobilising volunteer mentors, building key local alliances, and providing mentorship direct to local high school students experiencing marginalisation.

Through successful implementation of an AIME chapter, IMAGI-NATION {Presidents} will provide transformative opportunities to mentees and help alleviate educational inequity in their communities.

Time Commitment

Online learning + training: 8-12 hours throughout year

Online tutorial groups: meeting once monthly

Change Project implementation:

  • Set up an AIME chapter on university campus or successfully take over a chapter from a previous {President}
  • 100+ hours of mentor recruitment + delivery of direct mentoring by volunteers
  • Deliver group mentoring experiences to at least 20 school students, with a goal of reaching 100+ students

{University} Support

  • Course coordinator check-ins via zoom, email and phone
  • IMAGI-NATION {TV} engagement opportunities.
  • Connection with fellow IMAGI-NATION {University} students via our online learning platforms.

Degree + Honours

After successful completion of their 10-month change project, {Presidents} will be awarded a Co-Founder Degree in recognition of their commitment to helping launch IMAGI-NATION {University}.

In addition to receiving a Co-Founder Degree, {Presidents} have the opportunity to submit an essay connecting their work on campus to one of the core philosophical knowledge areas of IMAGI-NATION {University}. Each year, two essays will be selected for publication in the IMAGI-NATION {Library} and will each be awarded a $2K AUD prize.

Kalani Ripley

University Student
QLD Australia

“AIME helped me get to University and the mentorship really helped me become who I am today, I wanted to give back by becoming a {President} and build the stage for marginalised students to get through high school and into positions of leadership.”