{Teachers} are a pivotal part of our mission to alleviate educational inequity for students experiencing marginalisation around the world. As one of the primary mentors in a young person’s life, teachers have the unique opportunity to help flip the script for their students, using imagination to reframe the narrative and set them on a path toward success.

Change Project:

For their year-long change project, {Teachers} at IMAGI-NATION {University} commit to learning and delivering six lessons from AIME’s IMAGI-NATION {Curriculum} in their classroom throughout the academic year. Our curriculum has been developed over 15+ years of mentorship of young people and is specifically designed to unlock kids’ mindsets and to engage in exercises around creativity and higher-order thinking.

The change project also includes training and successful implementation of two pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factories} in the school to activate the broader community to make education more inclusive and engaging.


Online learning + training: 8-12 hours throughout the year

Online tutorial groups: meeting once monthly

Change Project implementation:

  • Deliver six lessons from AIME’s Teaching with Imagination {Curriculum}
  • Deliver two pop-up IMAGI-NATION {Factories}

{University} Support:

  • Course coordinator check-ins via zoom, email and phone
  • IMAGI-NATION {TV} engagement opportunities.
  • Connection with fellow IMAGI-NATION {University} students via our online learning platforms.

Degree + Honours:

After successful completion of their 10-month change project, {Teachers} will be awarded a Co-Founder Degree in recognition of their commitment to helping launch IMAGI-NATION {University}.

In addition to receiving a Co-Founder Degree, {Teachers} have the opportunity to submit an essay connecting their work in the classroom to one of the core philosophical knowledge areas of IMAGI-NATION {University}. Each year, two essays will be selected for publication in the IMAGI-NATION {Library} and will each be awarded a $2K AUD prize.

Angela Byron

Principal, Oak Flats High School
NSW Australia

“Having the opportunity for us to come together as teachers with young people around the world and think about what really resonates with us? What’s an issue that we’d really like to tackle and have a positive impact on? That’s what’s really exciting!”