IMAGI-NATION {Ambassadors} is a specific track within the {Entrepreneur} pathway, intended for school students who want to make a tangible difference in their communities.

Change Project

During their year at IMAGI-NATION {University}, {Ambassadors} will decide their own change project to help alleviate educational inequity and support people in their communities experiencing marginalisation. The change project can be whatever the {Ambassador} decides – however they feel they can best contribute to organising change.

Time Commitment

Online learning + training: 8-12 hours throughout year

Online tutorial groups: meeting once monthly

Change Project implementation:

  • 30+ hours spent designing and executing their unique change project
  • Shared change projects with 25+ individuals

{University} Support

  • Course coordinator check-ins via zoom, email and phone
  • IMAGI-NATION {TV} engagement opportunities.
  • Connection with fellow IMAGI-NATION {University} students via our online learning platforms.

Degree + Honours

After successful completion of their 10-month change project, {Ambassadors} will be awarded a Co-Founder Degree in recognition of their commitment to helping launch IMAGI-NATION {University}.

In addition to receiving a Co-Founder Degree, {Ambassadors} have the opportunity to submit an essay connecting their work to one of the core philosophical knowledge areas of IMAGI-NATION {University}. Each year, two essays will be selected for publication in the IMAGI-NATION {Library} and will each be awarded a $2K AUD prize.

Kyarlee-Rose Clulow

Wollongong, NSW, Australia

“I’m a proud Kamilaroi woman in year 11 this year. I decided to enrol at IMAGI-NATION {University} as an {Ambassador} because I wanted to make a difference in my community. I was a mentee in the program for a few years, the mentorship gave me the drive to find who I was and decide what I wanted to contribute to the world.

This year I started a mentoring program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary school students to give back what AIME gave to me. By bringing mentorship, community elders and knowledge holders into the school we can inspire other young people to take on leadership roles, find strength in their identity and show the world what Indigenous success looks like.”