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Principal Round Table2021-11-08T11:12:15+11:00

Unlocking the imagination of the human race to forge unlikely connections that lead to a different set of outcomes, a different world, a fairer world.



Join a global network of educators to learn how teachers and students are using imagination to lead and co-design a curriculum for the future that we hope to build.

Get inspired and find out how to sign up for direct to school and digital delivery of the AIME Mentoring program.

Teacher Lesson

Teacher lessons are designed to shift dynamics within the classroom. All lessons we will share with you are based around our 18 core values in the program and our lessons have been tried-and-tested in helping alleviate educational inequity and making classrooms more fun for all since 2005.

Check out some of the content you will get access to at IMAGI-NATION {University}

Check out this inspiring story from year one, in which university students from all over the world
mentor young people in order to alleviate educational inequity.

This past year, 513 students joined IMAGI-NATION {University} and took the pledge – to fast-track diverse leaders in boardrooms, to lead from the front as youngsters experiencing marginalisation to teach with imagination in school classrooms, to mentor and make space for youngsters to lead, and for everyday citizens to take action towards a fairer world in their local communities.

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