While much of our work starts with students in schools and their communities, it can’t end there. To truly alleviate systemic educational inequity, we need {Executives} to build new opportunities for young people experiencing marginalisation in the workplace, lifting them up and supporting them to see themselves as leaders.

Change Project:

For their year-long change projects, Executives, Directors, and CEOs of organisations turbo-charge their workplace cultures by adopting AIME’s Co-CEO model: a dynamic program for young diverse leaders to shadow senior leaders in the organisation. In conjunction with other self-selected initiatives, organisations make their boardrooms more inclusive while fostering innovation to level the playing field at the executive level.


Online learning + training: 8-12 hours throughout year

Online tutorial groups: meeting once monthly

Change Project implementation:

  • Successful implementation of Co-CEO program at place of work, including recruitment of Co-CEO
  • Commenced plans to bring more diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into the workforce.

{University} Support: 

  • Course coordinator check-ins via zoom, email and phone
  • IMAGI-NATION {TV} engagement opportunities. 
  • Connection with fellow IMAGI-NATION {University} students via our online learning platforms.

Degree + Honours:

After successful completion of their 10-month change project, {Executives} will be awarded a Co-Founder Degree in recognition of their commitment to helping launch IMAGI-NATION {University}.

In addition to receiving a Co-Founder Degree, {Executives} have the opportunity to submit an essay connecting their work to one of the core philosophical knowledge areas of IMAGI-NATION {University}. Each year, two essays will be selected for publication in the IMAGI-NATION {Library} and will each be awarded a $2K AUD prize.


Sustainability Director
Techno India Group
Co-founder, Y-East

“Stepping into the world of IMAGI-NATION {University} by AIME is not something one should hesitate to do: it boosts your creation and recreation abilities, and provides you a lovely, impactful, upbeat space to inspire and be inspired.”