At IMAGI-NATION {University} we know everyone, wherever they are in the world, has the potential to lead change in their communities. The IMAGI-NATION {Citizens} pathway is for any ally committed to building a fairer world, and wanting to make a difference using their unique gifts and perspectives.

Change Project

During their year at IMAGI-NATION {University}, {Citizens} will decide their own change project to help alleviate inequity and support people in their communities experiencing marginalisation. The change project can be whatever the {Citizen} decides – however they feel they can best contribute to organising change.

Time Commitment

Online learning + training: 8-12 hours throughout year

Online tutorial groups: meeting once monthly

Change Project implementation:

  • 30+ hours spent designing and executing their unique change project
  • Shared change projects with 25+ relevant individuals

{University} Support

  • Course coordinator check-ins via zoom, email and phone
  • IMAGI-NATION {TV} engagement opportunities.
  • Connection with fellow IMAGI-NATION {University} students via our online learning platforms.

Degree + Honours

After successful completion of their 10-month change project, {Citizens} will be awarded a

Co-Founder Degree in recognition of their commitment to helping launch IMAGI-NATION {University}.

In addition to receiving a Co-Founder Degree, {Citizens} have the opportunity to submit an essay connecting their work to one of the core philosophical knowledge areas of IMAGI-NATION {University}. Each year, two essays will be selected for publication in the IMAGI-NATION {Library} and will each be awarded a $2K AUD prize.

Nthabiseng TeReo Mohanela

Mountain Kingdom, Lesotho

“I became very passionate at a young age about activism, growing up in an underdeveloped country was quite triggering and I have been driven to make great changes by addressing issues in my country such as Period poverty, which is huge in Lesotho. My plan is to develop a long-lasting solution that will allow girls in remote areas of my country to experience menstruation in a safe and dignified manner, especially now during the pandemic.

Professor Hope is my greatest go-to because he has managed to explain the key ingredients to making a liberated yet effective game-changer in the world. The Imagination Cookbook provides many tools and tricks of being creative for change and the greatest lesson for me is to allow myself to exist inside my work and not filter myself just to be accepted.

I have also come to allow a bit of chaos to take space in my life as perfection can be a great hindrance to achieving what we want. Professor Hope says it’s ok to be a bit chaotic and rebellious as a great change-maker and I fully agree.”