Following the Uluru Statement From The Heart, in 2019, a group of young Indigenous people have gathered in East Arnhem Land for the Youth Forum at Garma Festival (hosted by the Yothu Yindi Foundation). The forum was facilitated by AIME and resulted in a declaration for the Prime Minister and Education Minister’s across Australia – The Imagination Declaration.

“This morning was very powerful to hear the voice and truth from our youth. I am totally inspired by witnessing our future generation express where they want to be. We cannot truly look ahead as a country without embracing our young people and I fully endorse the need for an ‘Imagination Declaration’”.

– Kyle Vander Kuyp

“This statement should be presented to Parliament, as an adjunct to the Statement From The Heart. These children are our future.”

– Jack Thompson AO
“It is a privilege to bear witness to the courage and inspirational leadership shown by the youth at Garma today.
The Imagination Declaration clearly shows that young people have thought deeply about the aspirations they want for the future they will inherit.
To ensure long lasting change, we cannot put off for tomorrow what needs to be addressed today, including the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the Imagination Declaration.”
– Karen Mundine – CEO Reconcilition Aus

Below is the list of people who co-signed the declaration at Garma following Siena’s reading, which saw the room rise in a standing ovation. In August/September we’ll be opening up a space for you and the rest of the world to sign the declaration with us (stay tuned, our small web team are sweating getting this live ASAP).

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