• AIME joins UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition to support 1.5 billion kids affected by COVID school closures
  • IMAGI-NATION {TV} is launched. Season 1 is 5 months, 99 episodes, 349 guest mentors, 244 youngsters, 80 schools.
  • IMAGI-NATION {University} is founded
  • The first Making of a Hoodie podcast celebrates Year 12 students from 3 continents 
  • This Hoodie Pays Rent is introduced
  • Hoodie Day celebrates 10th anniversary & the 10-year WE IMAGINE campaign to create a fairer world kicks off
  • Mentors in Residence program begins
  • Jack Manning Bancroft retires the role of AIME CEO
  • AIME re-engages with FAM Hooded Scholars to lead change as IMAGI-NATION {Presidents}
  • CEO4Good, IMAGI-NATION {Ambassadors}, Artists in Residence programs kick off

In Australia:

  • AIME mentors volunteer to help with fire relief & tree planting efforts across the country
  • IMAGI-NATION Curriculum is released for teachers across Australia in partnership with Cool Australia
  • AIME Marketplace connects Year 11 & 12 to post-school opportunities

In Africa:

  • AIME lands in Zimbabwe