We started with the words of Aristotle and ended with an interview from a powerful and tenacious, pioneering leader from Uganda; what a ride our episode was today!

We saw such inspiring and passionate discussion among the Thinkers, at times even Jack struggled to get a word in as host.

Stan Grant, pensive as ever, quizzed the audience and challenged our existing thoughts. He introduced the concept of ‘radical hope’: a hope that knows no bounds and sheds all limitations. It’s the kind of hope that not only encompasses the dreams and wishes of humans, both individual and collective, it is embedded in the faith of humanity. Radical hope is the inherent generosity and dignity of humans that is revealed in our most raw and depleted moments.

No wonder there were calls in the live chat of “#StanforPM” with insights like these.

With maturity and courage well beyond what you’d expect of a 17-year-old (or even a 30-year-old), Daisy Jeffrey highlighted that hope and action are inextricably linked. Hope motivates us to be proactive and allows actions to materialise. She explained the need for reconfiguration within society, to allow the voices and the hopes of marginalised communities to be heard.

Jordan Watson, his face lit up with a beaming smile, shared his thoughts on who inspires hope in him and the difference between hope and faith in his life. Yet Jordan’s work with Love Watts is a beacon of hope. In creating a platform for young people and “underdogs” to share their art, Jordan lights a fire of hope in these young people and encourages them.

Hoping for more?

  • ‘Radical Hope’ by J. Lear, suggested by Stan Grant
  • ‘On Hope’ by Daisy Jeffrey
  • Love Watts

Our episode today had some epic discussion and the food for thought these thinkers gave us wasn’t just a snack but a full three-course meal. Thankful for our inspiring guests today!

Jade x

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