To conclude week one of IN{TV}, five compelling artists performed live to classrooms, apartments and intergalactic space stations to share their playful pursuits and wonderful wisdoms with the world. Introducing Ben Lee, Nat Vazer, Sachem Parkin-Owens, Tommy Franklin, Jodee Knowles and Shân Primrose.

Ben Lee opened the show with his track ‘We’re All In This Together’; a beautiful reminder that amongst current global turmoil, the human race is in this together. “Woke up this morning, I suddenly realised, we’re all in this together. I started smiling ‘cause you were smiling and we’re all in this together.” Ben reflected on the role of art for humanity, “to live as a Human Being is inherently creative… artists have to be visionary… to think about our values as a society”, and allowed us to consider what values may be important as a human race right now.

Nat Vazer opened her performance with a reflection on imagination: “A large part of Imagination is following where your excitement and passion is. If there is anything that peaks your interest, Imagination is the way… The possibilities are endless.” Nat performed ‘Better Now’, inspired by a school girl struggling to understand the world. Again this piece reminded us that if we’re confused by what happens on this big planet, we’re not alone.

Sachem Parkin-Owens, an award winning poet, musician, songwriter, former AIME mentee and current mentor, headlined the live music component of the show, blessing us with a live original track.

Finally Tommy Franklin performed an improvised dance to the track A Baru in New York. “Movement for me is healing. Movement is life. It’s the natural flow. I love doing it and I love sharing it… We’re all weird and wonderful in our own way, don’t be afraid to play. If you take the word ‘EARTH’ and remove ‘A R T’ and you’re left with ‘EH’. Less EH and more ART!”

Throughout the show Jodee Knowles and Shân Primrose created artworks live, sharing their thoughts about imagination, art and life in conversation and on canvas.

Blake x

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