Today on IMAGI-NATION {TV}, our friend Randy Feltface took the stage and got to run our audience through one of his stand-up comedy shows. The show was brought to our channel by Melbourne International Comedy Festival that’s been cancelled due to a halt on shows during this time. We call it “Cancelled/Not cancelled.”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our keynote speaker, let me give you an insight into what you’ll get. The best way for me to describe Randy is as a wild card. You think you know what you are going to get then ‘BAM!’ he throws a curve ball and suddenly you’re tracking down the field hitting different bases with a mix of humor, hard facts and everyday truths.

Now that may seem no different from other comedians, but Randy gives you a deep dive into his life; he is straightforward and over-shares just a little.

As a warning, this show is for M-rated audiences only. You will get a dive into complex situations and Randy will take you on a journey through serious topics – and some tricky ones – with humour at the forefront.

Hosting the show today was one of AIME’s MVPs – Asterix. Asterix was the calm before the storm. Randy’s purple storm brought us insights into his personal life, his thoughts on veganism and on dogs, tales of family Christmases, and a little bit of light in these darker times.

Now this isn’t about spoilers, but if you’re over 15 and want to get lost in Randy’s comedy storm, head over to our YouTube channel for Episode 4 of IMAGI-NATION {TV}.

Teisha x

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