Today, for the second-ever IMAGI-NATION {TV} show, we had the Youngsters, a group of under-18s from different places. Blue (a puppet!) threw us right into the speeches from our Imagination Presidents.

President Dean, a young ​Yuwaalaraay man in Sydney, gave us the wrap on saving the world. He told us his plan for funding schools, reducing homelessnes and showing respect to the ancient cultures of Australia and the world.

President Sharon from Kampala taught us about coming together under the banner of imagination for education, to respect life and to use dance, music and poetry to build a world of creativity, with no discrimination.

The Chaos Classroom celebrated its triumphant debut. Blue’s co-host JMB was joined by four students in a virtual classroom from across Australia. They talked about imagination, how we use it and why it’s so important. Chloe told us her recipe to cook up a big messy Imagi-Cake. Kilani taught us about 3D printing and how Lego is the ultimate tool to unlock your imagination. Lucy filled us in on why we use imagination to escape reality because all over the world imagination is a tool everybody has! We left our Chaos Classroom today with a strong message. Teach kids how to be themselves!

We got to dish with Jordan about how art can be used to help ourselves in dark times, and how we can find ourselves with our imaginations. To wrap us up, Olivia came on to chat about her art, which is now on an AIME shirt worn across the globe! She told us how her imagination helped her through injury and how it feels to see your experience affecting others.

Today we looked at new ways to deal with new problems, solving the biggest problems we’ve ever faced by picking up the building blocks or our pencils and sketching a new future. Thanks to our incredible guests!

Angus x

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