Redfern, Australia, 20 March 2020 – With 1 Billion students set to have their education affected by COVID-19 AIME is leading the digital charge taking its worldwide award-winning imaginative mentoring model directly into homes via YouTube with a weekday TV show, IMAGI-NATION TV, starting Monday 23 March 2020.

The theme for the first week is Imagination. Confirmed guests for the first week includes Maths nerd Adam Spencer, Designer & Artist Bronwyn Bancroft, Musician Ben Lee, Comedian Randy Feltface, Imagination Researcher Derek Bland, & an interview with Oscar award-winner Taika Waititi.

IMAGI-NATION TV has been created by AIME – the global Imagination Factory powered by mentoring – so that every kid can have a mentor in their lives every day during this unprecedented time, and the kids who most need support are not left behind.

IMAGI-NATION TV will air at 12pm AEDT every weekday. Each show will follow a weekly theme and invite thinkers, designers, problem-solvers, teachers, artists and kids from everywhere to engage in creative ways on topics from Imagination to Hope to Rebelliousness.

With 1 Billion kids set to be affected AIME is calling on all governments, universities, schools, broadcasters & mentors come together to help these kids

Australian media publisher Pedestrian Group has come on board as a founding partner. “Pedestrian Group has always been a voice of young Aussies. This is a particularly important time for PEDESTRIAN.TV to partner with AIME’s mentors as they go digital and drive positive conversation about the future,” said James McManus, Creative Director at Pedestrian Group.

Creative counsel Background have also joined AIME as a founding partner to help produce the Monday segment Thinkers, where a global network of experts and leaders share insights and knowledge on selected topics. The partnership will launch from Monday 30 March. “AIME has led the way in adapting and transforming structures, and now more than ever a paradigm shift is on the horizon. We’re excited to bring the insight and knowledge of our networks to the table – to see the power of imagination let loose in every home, and for the youth and fresh ideas this will support,” Margaret Zhang, co-founder Background.

AIME CEO and Founder of IMAGI-NATION TV, Jack Manning Bancroft, will host the show. Speaking of the heart behind this move, he said, “We want to be an example for all educators out there about how to do this. We’ve transformed our organisation of 100-odd staff across six countries into a production team for a daily TV show in just four days. This can be done with imagination and a willingness to adapt and learn.”

Each week, the show will move across five daily segments: Thinkers on Monday, Youngsters on Tuesday, Designers on Wednesday, Keynotes on Thursday and Artists on Friday.

To subscribe, head to AIME’s YouTube channel.

About AIME

AIME is an Imagination Factory for marginalised youth, fuelled by unlikely alliances, to create a fairer world.

Starting with one school in Redfern Australia and a group of Indigenous kids – Australia’s most marginalised students 2005, AIME has since been creating pop-up Imagination Factories on university campuses around the world to unlock the internal narrative of marginalised kids, taking them from a world that tells them they can’t to a world that tells them they can. AIME now directly transforms the lives of kids from diverse backgrounds across six countries, spanning three continents, through its work.

In Australia The 20,000+ Indigenous youth who have experienced AIME’s Imagination Factory have gone on to achieve educational parity, accelerate their growth as entrepreneurs, and unlock a whole new mindset that prepares them for success.


IMAGI-NATION TV is a daily live show that takes the magic of AIME’s Imagination Factory to laptops, phones, and homes across the earth’s surface. The studio is a video call, the broadcast space is YouTube, and the audience is 40+ universities, 300+ schools, and 8,000 marginalised kids, across six countries who are currently involved in AIME’s Imagination Factory, plus a world of people looking to make sense of today in order to imagine tomorrow.

It is a show for those kids sitting at the back of the classroom, delivering the message that we see them, that there are a multitude of kids just like them ready to rise up, and that this is their moment to lead.

Press contacts:

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Irmin Durand (Africa/Europe)

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AIME Mentoring

20th March 2020

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