This film is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Laurent Witz, and tells the story of a world built on a mechanised system that favours only some. It follows two characters whose lives seem predetermined by this system and the circumstances they were born into. The film was made for the international launch of AIME.

Credits: Directed by Laurent Witz Animated by Zeilt Productions Animation directed by Mickael Coëdel Created by M&C Saatchi, Sydney Music Composed by Olivier Defradat Lyrics sung by Mariot Pejon Creative Assistant, Ghayth Chegaar.



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Ulaja Bashir – Islamabad, Pakistan
Kgomela Lebo Letsoalo – Pretoria, South Africa
Tahnie Rhodan – Wollongong, Australia
Kalani Ripley – Gold Coast, Australia
Latisha Clark – Gold Coast, Australia



How do you take on global inequity?

Back in 2014, AIME was a mentoring organisation that was having real success tackling one of Australia’s most intractable problems: achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educational parity. Why would a growing non-profit organisation – that seemed to be going from strength to strength with a huge base of support behind them – risk everything in an attempt to take their mentoring model to kids outside the margins around the world?

7 Down tells the story of AIME, an Indigenous-led organisation, going global from the point of view of 7 people who have been an integral part of the highs, the lows, the confusion, the excitement, the failure and the learnings of a 7-year journey to try and change the world.