Who are you?:

My passion for women empowerment is something that makes an essential part of my identity. My creativity, humour and confidence make me what I am. I am from a rural area of Pakistan. My dream is to bring a fair chance in this world by helping the underrepresented communities. I dream of a world where everyone has equal access to educational opportunities.

What have you been doing at IMAGI-NATION {UNIVERSITY}?:

I have been learning life lessons like flipping the script, imagination and building bridges from professors at Imagination university, I have been making unlikely connections with people all over the world through AIME, and most importantly I am working on my social change project titled “Women Empowerment by Mentoring All” since February 2021.

How have you been doing it?:

I have been taking lectures from professors at Imagination university using mytrailhead and strengthening the learning by discussing it with my tutorial group members.

I initiated my project named as “Women Empowerment by Mentoring All”

It comprises of four chapters

1. Skill factory (Mutual sharing of skills where skilled women transmitted the skills to all other women who wanted to learn from them). I arranged an event in my village where women of all ages were invited to strengthen the community through mutual skill sharing. Almost 50 women ranging from 5 year old to 73 year old attended this event.

2. Future fem leader( Preparing the young girls to be leader in future and play their role in creating fair society). I arranged leadership workshops at my high school which more than 60 young girls benefitted from.[photos attached]

3. He for WE (Creating empathy in male for women empowerment so that they also stand up for women around them and help them overcome patriarchy)

4. Strong mind(Enhancing mental health and well-being through social media.) I made this Instagram handle @mehakkism for this purpose)

Why are you doing it?:

I am doing it because I am very passionate about creating society that is free of discrimination. My vision statement aligns perfectly with AIME’s motive. The story of Jack and his efforts made me start working towards my passion in few baby steps at a time. I used to think that what can one person do to change this unfair society but then I came across AIME that made me strong enough to believe that I can be the change I want to see. YEAH I am doing it for myself ,for future generations, for my people, for my country and for this world. My life purpose that is to bring a fair change in society with equal rights for all drives me and keeps me going to be part of AIME as student ambassador.

Which Professor teaches your favourite IMAGI-NATION {UNIVERSITY} lesson and why?:

My favorite lesson so far is “Imagination” by Professor Hope. It is my favorite because I totally loved professor hope’s imagination cookbook. It is my go to recipe book for whenever I feel hunger to be intellectually simulated. Those fourteen ingredients and their unique combinations always inspire me to approach problems creatively.

What lessons in organising change would you pass on to other students in your course?:

While I was doing my project. I went through many setbacks but you know what always made me bounce back was my resilience and my belief that I AM ENOUGH and I can do whatever I am passionate about by just being the best version of my own self. Trust me this is something every person should know but as knowing is just a half battle but to win the whole battle go practice the “I AM ENOUGH” version of yourself to organize your own social change project. AIME got your back.

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