We are currently in opening engagements for up to 10 core partners to work with us on creating unlikely connections. The partnership investment we are looking for is over $1M per year (a combination of cash/time/knowledge/opportunities).

If you are interested in exploring becoming a core partner email


With an audience across 50 countries, there are a number of pathways for our organisation to sponsor key initiatives and connect your organisation with unlikely audiences.

We are currently taking sponsorship conversations around the following initiatives:

  2. Making of a Hoodie Podcast
  3. IMAGI-NATION University Welcome Pack
  4. Kindness Hoodie
  5. Sponsoring a staff member

We are also open to exploring storytelling experiences in partnership.

To enquire email

Making Space

If you are a school or organisation you can apply to be a part of the Making Space club, and work on your making space plan – a plan for you to foster unlikely connections and build bridges to create more diversity into your workforce, into your school and create a fairer school, workplace, world.

Applications to the making space club are formally opening in January 2022. Applicants will be reviewed and announced as official members of the club as part of AIME’s 2022 Making Space campaign in July/August 2022.

Membership of the club is for a 7-year generational period.

Each year to retain membership each organisation has to submit their outcomes in making space and creating change.

Annual Global Making Space awards for outstanding organisations and schools will commence in May 2023.

To express interest in joining the Making Space club and obtain more details email


We work in partnership with a number of storytelling groups globally. Our design studio takes on a limited group of external clients working on campaigns to create change, and we work in partnership with a number of external agencies to offer audiences the chance to connect with AIME.

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If you’re a design, communications agency that would like to partner with us, or if you would like to work with AIME’s design studio as a client, email


We are currently working with Cool Australia to take our Imagination lessons and MentorClass directly into the school.

If you want to work with us on design the lessons into your countries curriculum, or if you’d like to joint the funding partners to support this work in Australia and around the world email

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To create more mass cultural unlikely connections we are working with fashion brands, retailers and designers to activate our Hoodie and Soul tee to create more and more connections, and more and more change.

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We love to work in an unlikely connected way with our philanthropic donors, we love to have the chance to be mentored and to obtain the knowledge, unlock opportunities together for the AIME network alongside the cash component.

Our rough breakdown of current philanthropic donors is that we are in conversation with a few foundations who see the overall impact potential of this network at scale and are interested in large multimillion-dollar multi-year donations to free us up to do the work, accelerate our earned revenue and in doing so our independence and expand the reach & impact of the network.

Other donors are engaging at the 50K a year mark to seed a new location or support an existing region of work, others are focused on around the 100K worth of investment to support operations of the network in a new nation. Some are particularly interested in the production and books and knowledge that’s being created for the library for all of humankind and are interesting in supporting specific knowledge productions between 50-100K and we’ve had a couple of groups interested in underwriting the work of all of the library at 200K+.

If you’re interested in joining our intimate philanthropic family – send us an email


We are currently building an unlikely alliance of 10 key organisations that we are working within a Hoodie Economics model (exchange of time, knowledge, opportunities).

We are open to conversations with leading groups that build bridges nationally and globally to join the alliance. If you’d like to express interest email


We are currently developing our unlikely impact coalition for the next 3-4 years, we are keen to connect with diverse impact thinkers and organisations. If you’d like to connect email

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