At scale, there isn’t a world where we can ensure that every child is 100% safe in their lives, but what we can commit to is trying to be the most child-safe volunteer organisation the world has ever known. That commitment starts and ends with where the visibility of Child Protection sits in the organisation. This is the Board’s business, the Executive’s business – Child Protection is everyone at AIME’s business. That’s why in every meeting from the Board level right through to our volunteer student chapter, part of every agenda needs to focus on Child Protection; are there any incidents to report, and what progress are we making to build and maintain the most child-safe organisation on the planet?

We also aspire to make our Child Protection processes visible and accessible on our website – to show our intent and open ourselves up for critique and improvement.


All of our staff & volunteer mentors complete the relevant working with children checks or child protection declaration (whichever is the legal requirement of their respective location) upon working or volunteering with AIME.


Our staff & board, ambassadors & mentors complete child protection training at the time of their induction at AIME; and we repeat and refresh that training each year.


Once a quarter AIME works with organisations around the world to shine a light on the challenges of effective child protection, and engages with global experts to explore case studies dealing with real and hypothetical scenarios, incident response procedures, and risk reduction strategies. AIME then brings that knowledge into the organisation for sharing with staff and volunteers.


We have tried to make the reporting of incidents easy by providing an online reporting platform.

Report an Incident

Anyone can report an incident or concern using this platform. Reports can be anonymous, and generate an email addressed to AIME’s Incident Response Team who will reply within 24 hours.


After acknowledging that an incident has been reported, AIME’s Incident Response Team will activate AIME’s Incident Response Plan which includes escalation to AIME’s Leadership, and notification of relevant authorities where necessary.

At all times AIME’s management of incidents gives priority to maintaining  the privacy and dignity of the individuals who may have been affected by a reported incident. Fundamentally, AIME’s approach is based on believing the victim, accepting responsibility for taking action and supporting the way forward.