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At IMAGI-NATION  {University}, fellows invest in relations, bridging connections through imaginative action and storytelling. These stories, shaped by professors and mindset areas, serve as a doorway to different types of thinking.

When fellows and citizens of IMAGI-NATION engage in relations, the action-focused story begins to emerge into systems change projects. UNCx5, activating intelligence from inside and outside the margins, fuels these projects for transformative impact.

The resulting systems change projects are transformed into tools that establish relational economies for the well-being of our planet. This process of creating tools and relational economics is chronicled in the Professor Series, a 10-year project. Fellows and citizens receive these stories as gifts to build relations, and the cycle continues.

IMAGI-NATION University: Investing in relations, sparking connections, and shaping stories for transformative impact.

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Imagine a world where teachers possess the incredible ability to bring lessons to life, to infuse every subject with a captivating narrative, and to provide their students with a deeper understanding of the world. For over 20 years, AIME has been achieving results for some of the world’s most marginalised high school students across the globe.

MentorClass is available now to provide tools to teachers to help unlock the potential in their students.

Train as a Mentor

Become an AIME Mentor by learning our 18 values.

Through mentoring, we can build bridges towards a fairer world, where every individual is empowered to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Share the knowledge, and connect in unlikely ways to create systems change.


We’re building 10k IMAGI-NATION {Classrooms} around the globe with our Embassy.
Check out the posts written by the teachers, students and AIME crew that are activating the classrooms, reflecting on the energy and the flow of what happens at the schools. What are imagination classrooms? Let us help bring imagination to all the schools and spark excitement through relations and intelligence.