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Content Starts THE VALUE

of IMAGI-NATION to restore Earth’s relational networks so we don’t go over 1.5°C, to work out how to live with robots and keep investing in our imagination, to shape economies that are relational and can live with robots and automation, to bring people together across nation-states, to stop the rot of democracy with the division created by modern network models that affirm what we know and who we know, to reclaim our attention and arrest our desperate spiral into forever distraction.

This value is so far beyond what we are looking for in terms of financial investment. We are looking at $10M a year over 10 years, secured upfront as $100M, so we can then say no to any further financial contributions to protect against network corruption and moving from the intentionality of the design. The main spend goes towards our staff, and the development of our story, which again is mainly an employment cost. Beyond this, there is some investment in bringing our team together around the world to tell big STORIES, and to ensure our EMBASSIES are safe and can move to build the 10,000 Classrooms and beyond.