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Content Starts THE RETURN

Within IMAGI-NATION for investors, there can be the following returns:

  • $ Returns – you can make money here – through investments in Story and our business venture partner who shapes our Story work; our NFT work; through our relations with other business ventures that are for profit.
  • NATURE returns – The NATURE fund is the largest project at scale which promises NATURE and financial returns. Within IMAGI-NATION we have building examples of our research becoming systems change projects, like our Seaweed Hoodie Project to reforest Sydney’s Coastline. There is other R&D that has huge potential around IMAGI-NATION’s IP Return to Nature and much more.
  • Reputational Returns – via JOY Corps, Presidents, Mentoring University, Systems Change Citizens, Imagination Schools, Hoodies, Passports
  • Return on Relations – we believe investors will grow their intelligence through becoming mapped more healthily from having time with IMAGI-NATION.
  • Knowledge Return via R&D – amongst all of this, there is no question IMAGI-NATION is Planet Earth’s R&D Lab. We are here for us all. This a space for emergence to grow, to invest in the philosophy and relations, in the 20 years of work before it, and to know this is not merely charity $$
  • Tool Return – R&D without the Tools is knowledge on the shelf that no one uses. Tools without relevance have no utility value and are wasted investments. Our tools via imagination focus on big story. They have the potential and capacity to last and stand the test of time, like our models around the Co-CEO lever, or UNCx5 organisation patterns, Mentor Training or MentorClass, and at scale, our greatest gift is mindset tools and processes for thinking with mindsets of imagination, mentoring, relations, unlikely connections and systems change.