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Content Starts THE ECONOMICS

We desperately want to help humanity move our $$ towards nature, joy, kindness, and towards valuing relational economies, time, reclaiming processes, and finding the fusion between the efficiency and growth that has got us here, with the intelligence that’s been around since we were birthed as a species.

In order to give IMAGI-NATION the greatest chance to create the most significant set of economic case studies, we are offering numerous playgrounds for financial capital to be deployed as part of the $100M. On the following pages, we have mapped the economic movement and shapes for investment, and below we have listed some of the arenas:

  • R&D for Humanity
    • Government Grants
    • Philanthropic Investors
    • Research Investment
  • Story
    • Ownership investment model – $10-20M in total, $1-2M per year
    • Film and TV Grants and Production partnerships
  • Soul in Festivals
    • Government Kindness Economic R&D
    • Philanthropic Investors
  • Relational Economics
    • Exchanging Space, Time, Knowledge, Skills
  • Tokenomics
  • NFT – of The Professors – modern valuation of research and knowledge projects
  • Hoodie Economics
    • Inside IMAGI-NATION
      • Passports will be the Reputational Marker for achievements – the modern CV – which will then be the currency at The Meeting Place and Beyond IMAGI-NATION
      • Physical Hoodies & Digital Hoodies will be released by the Re-Serve Bank to stimulate the economy in IMAGI-NATION
    • Outside IMAGI-NATION
      • Reputational Currency of Hoodie Economics could see IMAGI-NATION Citizens gain access to Festivals, to housing opportunities, to transport, to food.

There are enough playgrounds to see the $$ move in. We are really interested in how to group these $$ to create Economic language and case studies around the return on investment, which we’ll share the frames for on the following page.