Welcome to Talent Scout by AIME. 

Each year we encourage the kids to show themselves and those around them that they've got game #AIMEGotGame. We unlock the magic of artistic expression & provide a space for their talents to shine #AIMEApparel. And we constantly challenge the kids to rise to their potential as leaders of worlds yet imagined #imaginewhatspossible.

#AIMEGotGame intro video 2017

This is a platform for our kids to share their skills from across Australia. We'll see visual artists, singers, musicians, actors, storytellers, magicians, speeches on vision & leadership and everything in between. 

Talent Scout will be open for 3-4 weeks a year where the whole world will have a chance to help us & others scout the talent booming out of the children of the first sunrise.

Talent Scout will allow us to offer real opportunities for youngsters to perform at our end of year KiNDLiNG events across Australia. There'll also be chances to secure AIME Apparel production #DreamComeTrue, where kids will not only get their work created into something real & have their stories worn & shared to the world, but they'll also score 10 items of everything we make + a $100 Apparel voucher. 

Here is a look at the history of AIME Apparel and some of the great designs that have passed through 

For the performers and storytellers there will be the chance to come to Sydney & perform at our Gala Ball & potentially be involved in writing and recording the AIME Anthem for the year.

Here is a look at one of the #imaginewhatspossible speeches

Beyond this, Talent Scout is a place for the world to come and find phenomenal Indigenous artistic talent & bring their skillz to a stage near you.