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2022 IMAGI-NATION{University} Launch

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Jane Goodall helps launch IMAGI-NATION {University) for 2022 “So many problems to solve today, we’re in a mess. And so often people just take one aspect and yes they’ve solved it, they can do this but then again and again, and again, solving that problem leads to another problem. So you... Read More

IMAGI-NATION{University} is open for all

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This week we opened a free university for all. We kicked off IMAGI-NATION {TV} University specials. And we share some exciting news on where we’re heading next. It’s all here ⇩⇩⇩ in this mega email. Read the full email AIME Opens Free University for All It was my first day of... Read More

AIME opens free university for all

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“Today we found a university: IMAGI-NATION {University}.” It was my first day of university when someone mentioned that just about everyone in the room we were sitting in got over 99 in their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank). 99? Yikes! I got a 87.6 and was in that room because... Read More