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Episode Description I guess in the end riches are made of stored relational energy from unequal exchanges. True wealth may be best described as an increase in relations, rather than growth in the surplus energy produced by them. This would be the difference between a growth-based and increase-based economy. We... Read More

Platypus Finance

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Episode Description Second public sharing of an Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab think-tank session, in which we grapple with our ongoing thought experiment about Extinction Offsets.

Debugging Creativity

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Episode Description Jack’s back! Jack Manning-Bancroft from AIME, Indigenous CEO (a real one, not just one of these people who start a dog-washing business and put CEO on their LinkedIn profile) has the hard yarns about taking the woo-woo out of innovation, creativity and imagination, while still retaining a shred... Read More

Processes of Emergence

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Episode Description Fritjof  Capra in dialogue with fellows from the IK Systems Lab, Jack Manning Bancroft and Tyson Yunkaporta. Fritjof shares his accessible translation of a systems view of life Рa four-part logic sequence that sits well in dynamic relation with Indigenous Knowledge. Creation is not just about patterns... Read More

Positivity meets Complexity

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Episode Description Jack Manning Bancroft is an Indigenous Australian change-maker who built the juggernaut organisation AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) on the power of hope, trust falls, high fives and “follow your dream!” tropes. It worked. Many individuals were uplifted and empowered. But the one thing it didn’t change was... Read More