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This Hoodie…Unlocks Global Ambassadors of Equality.

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Welcome back to Making of a Hoodie. This episode weaves through conversations about what it means to be a Global Ambassador of Equality and how we pass down deep knowledge from one generation to the next. Jack Manning Bancroft digs deep into the critical conversations with Steph Beck, Eddie Uini, Nia... Read More

This Hoodie…is for Co-CEO’s

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If ya missed it, the premise of MOAH is – ‘let’s find a systemic challenge and weave a solution that works within and beyond the AIME system, creating short-term and long-term systemic change.’ Welcome to MOAH Episode #1 This is Hoodie is for Co-CEO’s and JOY…. AIME’s Co-CEO model is plugging a... Read More


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The Making of a Hoodie podcast puts high schools and everyone that makes up the school ecosystem on a stage, to tell their story both through the podcast and through the custom hoodie that is designed as part of the process. The underlying message is to show that these students are not the... Read More