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You’ve got mail #4 – Kindness History

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It took 13.8 billion years of cosmic history for the first human beings to arise, and we did so relatively recently: just 300,000 years ago. 99.998% of the time that passed since the Big Bang had no human beings at all; our entire species has only existed for the most recent 0.002%... Read More

You’ve got mail #3 – Human Kind VIKPs

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Call out to organisations to nominate VIKPs (Very Important Kind People) 1000 tickets available First past the post Hi, Benjamin here from AIME with a personal message and challenge to spread kindness. Can you imagine a festival where tickets are not only bought, but earned with acts acts of kindness?... Read More

You’ve Got Mail #2 – VIKP launch

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So we’ve been working with this crew Human Kind Festival – and today we release the biggest ever single batch of tickets to a festival in the world – for kind people, for very important kind people. 1000 x 3 day tickets to the full festival. The first 1000 peeps nominated will... Read More

“Be strong, Be kind”

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“Be strong, Be kind” Jacinda Arden So often we are told to be kind, although many of us have the general sense of what that entails very few of us can truly define it at its very core although we have a deep understanding of its profound impact in our... Read More