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What Who How Check out Edition #1 below and print your own here. Keen to connect with someone about IMAGI-ZINE?

The Imagination Circle

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The imagination circle is a 10-year project, hosted by AIME and #LearningPlanet, bringing together circles of educators and changemakers to centre imagination in the global education journey. It’s an emergent research project led by practitioners and experts in the field.  Quarterly, members of the imagination circle engage in a circle hosted by AIME’s IMAGI-NATION {Labs} TV platform. The episode is then published alongside submissions from the members. Over 10 years... Read More

Hoodie Economics

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Welcome to the Hoodie Economics Faculty Prof Asterix is hosting a knowledge yarn around Hoodie Economics the book written by AIME Founder and CEO Jack Manning Bancroft . Candice Mama is sweating her PHD project of Kindness Economics, digging into the research around VIKP, under the tutorage of Professor Energy,... Read More