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Become a shareholder to the ocean

We’re inviting organisations to move ahead of conversations around sustainability and go deep into systemic design.

This is your chance to be anchored in relation to the ocean and reforest a whole coastline, including some of Sydney’s most iconic beaches.

Take a few minutes to hear AIME’s Founder and CEO, Jack Manning Bancroft introduce you to the opportunity to become a shareholder.

To build the patterns we need for humanity to thrive on planet earth in the centuries to come we have to reinvoke and reinvigorate our custodial relations with nature.

The seaweed hoodie is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a nature-infused case study and reforest a whole coastline…

and we can do it together by all chipping in.

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AIME has signed up as the first shareholder of the ocean

Whose coming with us?

As organisations are locked in as shareholders we will update the graphic above

19 shareholders to the ocean positions available



  hours  minutes  seconds


Shareholder positions close 8 June – World Ocean Day

For $5000 a year for 10 years…

…you become a shareholder of the ocean.

10 once in a lifetime breakthrough seaweed hoodies will mobilise as hoodie economics currency within your organisation

As part of the package you will receive:

  • 10 Seaweed Hoodies per year x 10 years = 100 hoodies total
  • A ‘community planting’ day with Operation Crayweed to take groups out to restore crayweed.
  • A mentoring session with AIME’s CEO Jack Manning Bancroft for your staff
  • A screening of Regen Australia and Q&A with Damon Gameau 

It all started with one podcast

Join our host Jack Manning Bancroft and his guests – Damon Gameau (2040, Regenerate Australia), Adriana  Verges and Ezequiel Marzinelli (Operation Crayweed), Regina  Polanco (PYRATEX), and Ex-Mentees Lily Thomas  McKnight and Milla  Morgan.

Wanna skip the shareholder experience and buy a hoodie? Do that here.

Sign up to become a shareholder to the ocean and an AIME human will be in touch

When the pandemic hit we turned to stories…Sea the Weed – The song…to weaving together, not getting stuck on implementation or politics, focusing on the art and the philosophy, at a moment we felt like everyone was telling us a seaweed hoodie was 10 years away, we turned to music and our founder Jack and his partner Yael Stone, their daughter Pemau Stone Bancroft, and Yael’s sister Elana Stone and her partner Joel Hoffman, who were all in lockdown, came together in the garage and made this. This was 2 years ago on 9th November 2020, and a great reminder to us all that when in doubt tell the story, sing the song, the song will show you the way.

How did the hoodie happen?

We were inspired by Damon Gameau’s 2040 film and during the lockdown, Damon joined us on IMAGI-NATION{TV} for a keynote and challenged us all to do what we could.

We believe inequity is shared across the earth with all species, and to find our way we’ve got to start to centre nature again, to regenerate our natural custodial ways. So we went on a quest for 2 years to find someone somewhere that could make the Hoodie yarn, in that time we created the Making of a Hoodie Podcast and the first episode we activated was Seaweed.

One of our team Haylee Rockliff found the Pyratex crew via Instagram and they had the SeaCell technology to fuse 20% seaweed into a Hoodie weight garment, then we kicked it with Damon and them on the first phase of the podcast and with two Indigenous high school students (Lily Thomas McKnight and Milla Morgan), we started dreaming the design and the campaign to shift the system, and instead of claiming the fashion glory, we wanted to take the cloth, and then work out how to shift the system in the short term and the system at large.

We connected with the Surfers for Climate gang and reflected on how we could have Surfers push seaweed fabric back to their sponsors, and finally, we found Operation Crayweed as the group that could re-grow a Sea Forrest.

They said we could do 23 beaches and reforest all of Sydney’s Coastline over a 10-year period for 1M, and we said, right let’s sell 2000 Hoodies at 500 a pop as Seaweed offset, relational investment shareholder common thread, love garments that reforest an ocean. And then let’s package it up as a case study to regrow the sea forests around the world, Hoodie by Hoodie if we have to.