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The 18 recordings below walk you through what it means to become a Mentor.

This knowledge sets the scene for intelligence to be shared as you walk into the world of Mentoring and create connections with young people from outside the margins. The knowledge is here to be shared and for everyone to emerge with the opportunity to connect in unlikely ways and build bridges towards a fairer world.

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Write a letter to yourself in 6 months.
Write down your BRAVE Goals
Write down 3 things you want to rebel against and come up with 3 practical solutions to fix the things you want to rebel against
7 Day Smile Challenge. Set out what you’re going to do over the next 7 days to put a smile on someones face.
Write down two examples of times you reacted with fear and caution when there was an opportunity to act with hope. Write down these case studies
Write down the 5 things in your mind that limit your thinking. Things you think are permanent truths. And we’re going to question them.
Create no shame in your learning environment. Have a secret password at the door of no shame. Make a no shame poster and research the origin of the word shame.
Failure time. Set yourself a 10 min timer and take on a task that you’ve never done before or something that you’ve done but take it to the next level.
Choose someone in our life and write a letter to them offering up solutions to problems or issues that they may be having. use your initiative to help solve problems
Write down “I forgive…” and write a letter of forgiveness to someone in your life
Draw a line on an a4 piece of paper. On the left write your dreams. On the right write your sacrifices you will make to help the dreams come to life. Then fold it into a paper plane and let it fly.
Write down the exit plan for your relationship with your mentee
Look back on 3 different periods of growth in your life. What do they have in common? What are differences
Do an artwork of a clock and then fill it with all the ways you’re going to use time to give value to your mentee. It might be through colours or just writing what you will do.
Write a letter to a friend or family member as if you’re in prison and reflect on how you’re feeling, your thoughts, your dreams etc.
Reflect on how you could bring a yes and attitude into your life and relationships. Then take it into your real life.
Take mirroring into our day to day lives. Listen deeply to what people are saying to you. Playback to people what they’ve said to you and don’t insert yourself into everything.

Here is your chance to reflect on what you have learnt

Add a 222 word summary of what you have learnt so that the knowledge is shared and you can pass on the notes to others. Use the activities above as thought starters for your writing.


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