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Content Starts IMAGI-ZINE


  • Free mentoring magazine for school students where we publish imagination knowledge via story (ref Voices of the Future: Stories from Around the World)
  • Research journal with rockstar energy for school students 
  • 2 editions a year – released Feb and October (start of Australia/Africa & US school years)


  • Co-written by imagination thinkers / educators from Imagination Circle  & Year 12 school students 
  • Year 12s as writers & editors
  • Imagination Circle as writers & mentors to Year 12s


  • Twice a year, each person in the Imagination Circle writes an imagination story / reflection / analysis as a mentoring text to transfer to school students
  • 500 words
  • Can be their own personal story, or one they’ve imagined, a tale of hope
  • 5 x Year 12 students are selected to be writers / editors of each edition
  • Students get an official certificate + a unique IMAGI-zine writers hoodie in exchange for their contribution
  • Schools & contributors get an electronic zine they can print themselves
  • Zine is part of IMAGI-NATION {Uni} river runs – read / submit a story / print for your school
  • Zine printing could potentially be an activity for students at IMAGI-NATION {Factory} on our printer

Check out Edition #1 below and print your own here.

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