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Content Starts IMAGI-NATION

IMAGI-NATION is an ambitious project that aspires to create a new nation – a nation that transcends geographical boundaries and promotes universal custodianship, mentoring, and imagination. This nation is currently in its final phase of development and is inviting pioneers to become its first citizens, contributing to its co-design and testing.
The journey began with AIME, and since then, IMAGI-NATION has working towards a global launch in October. The journey has been one of openness and shared progress, culminating in a major event to raise awareness and funds.
In October 2023, IMAGI-NATION will be unveiled to the world. However, it is not a permanent entity; it is envisioned to exist only until 2033, after which it will transition for the world’s relational health, leaving behind a powerful legacy.

The Re-Serve Bank

IMAGI-NATION aims to involve five key groups:
1. Young People (Presidents): IMAGI-NATION seeks to empower 1 million marginalized youth as Presidents, who will work on projects that reconnect humanity with nature.
2. Universities (Mentoring Unis): 1000 higher education institutes will strive to become mentoring universities. These institutions will network beyond their gates, reaching out to marginalized school students and focusing on shared knowledge rather than kept knowledge.
3. Organizations (JoyCorp): 1000 organizations will endeavor to become Joy Corps, reshaping themselves to foster a deeper connection with nature, kindness, and joy.
4. Schools (Imagi-Schools): 1000 schools will aim to reinvigorate imagination throughout their DNA and become Imagination Classrooms. This transformation will activate and unleash the intelligence of young people into the system.
5. Citizens: 1000 citizens will be trained as systems change organizers. They will develop the capacity to see the larger picture and engage with our planet as an integral part of the universe.
The vision of IMAGI-NATION is to foster imagination, custodianship, and mentoring on a global scale, promoting a more connected and harmonious world.
Welcome to your opportunity to change the way to world works through unlikely connections.

Check out a talk by AIME Founder and CEO Jack Manning Bancroft.

This occurred at Blackbird’s Sunrise event in Sydney on 11th November 2022 in front of 1500 tech founders and investors.

This talk helps shape your mind in preparation for an IMAGI-NATION filled experience below and your chance to walk on the bridge with us for a chance at a fairer world.