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Welcome to the Hoodie Economics Faculty

Prof Asterix is hosting a knowledge yarn around Hoodie Economics the book written by AIME Founder and CEO Jack Manning Bancroft . Candice Mama is sweating her PHD project of Kindness Economics, digging into the research around VIKP, under the tutorage of Professor Energy, who is fascinated by the power of the node in the network. Prof Energy is digging deeply into the Capra, Tyson, me yarn around Processes of Emergence and the energy in rocks, and the energy in between relations. 

Maya, Dan, Beni, Hollie and 13 volunteers at a time are coming into the IMAGI Factory to create 5 Hoodie themes. Linked to the Mindset Faculties. They are then sent out as tokens to those that unlock them in IMAGI-NATION and kept on the balance sheet of the Re-Serve Bank.

Prof Asterix is also working with a Prof ethic, and rocking AIME Fellows, driven by Celeste and bunch of magical AIME peeps in a cross over research Project on ReclAIMEd, the ReclAIMEd club and festival with guest resident designers, open knowledge shared not kept, and an annual festival presence at Human Kind.

A group of finance fellows alongside chair Paul Kearney, board member Kate Koch, AIME fellows in the finance team, KPMG and a suite of other partners are working on projects in Prof Asterix’s research team around Nature has joining the Board of AIME, Kindness and JOY entering the balance sheet, and intentional death.