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IMAGI-NATIONIMAGI-NATION (the digital country)Roadmap to 1 million Presidents in the final stages of approval. IMAGI-NATION will launch in October 2023DevelopImagination
IMAGINE FilmFeature length filmBringing together a UNCx5 with 4:08 productions and Spectre studuios to create our first pilot episode. Show bible is ready (here) and we’ve done our first table read on the 2 March 2023.DevelopImagination
IMAGI-NATION{Factory}A case study of knowledge for how to run an imagination space.Preparations underway for University{Fellows} in March.ImplementImagination
IMAGI-NATION ShowThe IMAGI-NATION Show seriesShow bible created. Looking at bringing on board some partners and developing our virtual production studio in the Factory to bring the IMAGI-NATION Show to life.DevelopImagination
IMAGI-ZINEA free co-created global zine to be printed in schools called IMAGI-ZINE produced by AIME and Learning Planet.Currently cut copy pasting GAIME of Life latest scene, and then the rules that people can play, a feature on IMAGINE Film. And then how to make your own Film. It’s MentorClass in print.DesignPhilosophers
Kindness EconomyA 5 year campaign to centre kindness in the economic heart of humanities work and to find a measurement on the balance sheet that values and centres kindness.
Developing the pack to bring on festivals and engaging Aus festivals in VIKP and donations for local initiatives.DevelopPhilosophers
Hoodie EconomicsHoodie Economics Book, Re-Serve Bank, Factory Hoodie Economics CinemaHoodie Economics the book to be released in September 2023. Re-Serve Bank to be launched with the NATION in October 2023. Factory Hoodie Economics Cinema to be ready in May 2023.ImplementPhilosophers
The Imagination Project10 year research project to centre imagination in every classroom and transform the educational experienceWe’ve hosted two Circles so far and have four more lined up for January and others through 2023.DevelopPhilosophers
JOY CorpsAccreditation model and case studies.We’ve designed and mapped the process and have some partners on board. In 2023 AIME is putting in our application to be accredited as a JOY Corps and act as a case study.DesignSystems Designers
Co-CEOA library of resources incl: MOAH episodes, Co-CEO blogs, IMAGI-NATION{TV} episodes and the UNCx5 model.Five AIME Co-CEO’s are active in 2023. They include Sarineh (Paris), Sarue (Botswana), Candice (South Africa), Jacqueline (US) and Suzie (Australia)ImplementSystems Designers
Nature FundNature Fund / Studio by EthicMapping with Ethic, IKSL, JGIA, Earth Guardians. Event together on 15 March.DesignSystems Designers
ReclAIMEdReclAIMEd website and case studiesThe ReclAIMEd website has been launched and we’re about to host our first ReclAIMEd Global Festival at Human Kind in March 2023. We have 7 ReclAIMEd brand partners on board.ImplementSystems Designers
IMAGI-NATION School Holiday program & child relationsAIME case study, child relations bookFirst fellowship week kicking off 13-18 March 2023 for AIME Fellows. School holidays program in development to launch for April school holidays 2023.DevelopUnlikely Connectors
IMAGI-NATION{Gallery}IMAGI-NATION {Gallery} – digital and physically at the Factory.Planning to launch in August 2023, working with M&C Saatchi.DesignUnlikely Connectors
IMAGI-NATION{Fellowships}Fellowship Research Projects.Research Project mapping happening with all AIME staff in March 2023.DesignMentor
MentorclassMentorclass lessons to help teachers around the world teach with IMAGI-NATION.100 lessons launched on YouTube. Developing Mentorclass episodes for the 1M Presidents campaign.ImplementMentor
1M PresidentsLibrary of President speechesCampaign for 1M Presidents being launched by 1 April. Videos and materials being prepared now.DesignMentor