Golden Tickets - One week to go

Posted in Global Stories on July 24, 2017

In life, we maybe, if we are lucky, get a few chances to feel like what we are doing with our time on this earth's surface is worth something. 

This is your moment. 

I know that you are out there, and I know that you can get the boulder over the hill. 

One week!

What's to say this isn't your training for the week elections close when you run for president in 30 years?

What's to say this isn't the moment that history will record... the moment that you started to move mountains?

What's stopping you?

If it's funding. We can find it.

The wonder of an economy is we are the ones who decide what to place value on. Get enough of us valuing mentoring, kids and those left behind & the cash will come.

If you've got a university that is keen but can't find the money just yet. Submit your application anyway.

If you have got the university to put the funding aside. Absolutely get your application in.

More important than anything else. If you know you can get this done, write from the bottom of your heart, from your soul to mine. 

If you've got the wits, the grit, the drive, the desire, to believe that together this can be one of the most important movements in human history...

Then my friend, you are the right person for a Golden Ticket.

See you on the other side.

It's time to fight.

Jack Manning Bancroft Founder & CEO 24th July 2017