Here you will find links to our Global Stories as they start to unfold in each of our target countries. 

But first some highlights of the journey so far, starting with a message from our CEO Jack back in September 2016. 

On June 7th 2017 we launched the competition with Cogs ... Since then upwards of 700 people from more than 13 countries have started their application process. With only a few weeks to go heres a look at some of the places and people we've been in conversation with. 

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The Stories

Golden Tickets - One week to go

In life, we maybe, if we are lucky, get a few chances to feel like what we are doing with our time on this earth's surface is worth something. This is your moment.

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AIME in South Africa

With great foresight and leadership the University of Pretoria in South Africa has become the first university to commit to funding the program. Yay!

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