It's all about stories

Here you'll find links to previous campaigns, ideas, tales, and everything in between. Everything we do is about telling new stories. At the end of the day, stories are how we understand and interact with the world around us. Hopefully crafting new tales every day of hope, positivity and change...

Sunrise to Sunset

On July 7 2017, from Sunrise to Sunset, we lit up the nation with letters of kindness as AIME Hoodie Day delivered the love to everyday Australians.

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Golden Tickets - One week to go

In life, we maybe, if we are lucky, get a few chances to feel like what we are doing with our time on this earth's surface is worth something. This is your moment.

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AIME in South Africa

With great foresight and leadership the University of Pretoria in South Africa has become the first university to commit to funding the program. Yay!

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AIME Hoodie Day - July 7th, 2017

The AIME hoodie has become a symbol for black and white coming together. A symbol for belief. A symbol for change. A symbol that inspires us to be better tomorrow and above all, a symbol for kindness, synonymous with the heartbeat of mentoring.

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On June 7 we launch a campaign to find 10 young people from 10 different nations and give them the chance to win a Golden Ticket and take AIME to their country.

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