Note from a Platypus by Jack Manning Bancroft

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Taken from Hoodie Economics – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 of Hoodie Economics

 The platypus serves as a reminder that there’s intelligence activated when we shift our lens and the tools we build with. Through challenges and horror, we can find health and growth.

Jack’s painting of the platypus serves as a vivid emblem of IMAGI-NATION’s ethos and the principles of Hoodie Economics. The platypus, a creature that defies categorization, symbolizes the breaking of conventional boundaries, much like IMAGI-NATION’s quest for systemic change.

Its presence in aquatic ecosystems reflects the organization’s commitment to environmental stewardship, a cornerstone of Hoodie Economics. The painting captures the essence of sustainable fashion—melding form and function while respecting nature’s design. Just as the platypus thrives by adapting to its environment, Hoodie Economics advocates for a sustainable, adaptable approach to commerce. This artwork is not just a visual feast; it’s a call to action, urging us to rethink our economic systems and harmonize with the natural world.

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