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September 22nd, 2019

The Opportunity

Earlier in the year, I was on holiday with a rockstar 14 year old who has been fortunate enough to be born into a life full of opportunity. We were out bodyboarding, and talking all things life between waves, when he started talking about the people around him: “My friend’s dad is the CEO at the bank, my other friends mum runs a fashion label, my other friend, his dad founded this massive real estate company”. And as the next wave knocked me off my board, I thought to myself: “This was definitely not my circle at school, which I decided to leave at the age of 15… Why the heck am I working on our partnerships for AIME? I should get out of the way and let this kid do it”. I’ve carried the thought and last week, decided to table the idea with JMB and said “let’s put it out there, let’s give these kids with privilege the chance to work with their friends and families to give some of their power to the mentees we work with, and in doing so, edge closer toward a fairer world”. He said “flick it out there, let’s see what happens”. So today, I’m introducing a two month volunteering opportunity for the role of a Partnering Wizard. It’s for kids aged 5-25 (and yes, I was a kid until Monday this week when I became a 26 year old grown up… look out adulthood or whatever you call it).

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