Hello, are you the In House Counsel & Contract Law: Employment and Volunteer Relations, & Child Protection we're looking for?

Ideally Sydney, NSW, Australia


12 month contract


85 - 100k

Applications close at  

10:38 PM UTC on 2/28/2019

The Opportunity

You a Lawyer? Want a job changing the world? You will be tasked with overseeing employee, volunteer and intern contracts. This role will also look at mentee permission notes and ensure at all times AIME is living and breathing, before raising the bar on, best practice. The role will work with the policies and procedures, and work through performance management, industrial relationships and staff transitions. Working across multiple international legal jurisdictions, you will work with our legal partners in the different countries in which we operate to ensure that we are creating a safe and transparent envi ronment for all concerned in the AIME universe, and that AIME is constantly legally protected.

Supporting Docs

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