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We have lost our way as a species. Measuring transactions, not relations.

We’ve lost our role as a species, the kindness that ties us in relation, allows us to play our role as the connector between millions of species on planet earth.

We’ve lost our long lens on the future.

And we can reclaim it.

That’s why we are bringing together the people of the world to place kindness on the transactional ledger and to install reclaiming of knowledge, processes, solutions, intelligence, designs, into the centre of the experiences.

Welcome to a page celebrating and rewarding Very Important Kind People (VIKPs).

In the form below you get the chance to nominate a VIKP to join an AIME list of people who receive updates on current opportunities.

These may include but are not exclusive to music festivals (Kindfests), special events, experiences and anything that comes our way that we think a VIKP would love.

Choose from current opportunities in the drop down or skip this part if you simply would like to shout someone out to go onto the list.

Human Kind VIKP nominations

Nominee’s nameWhat they did
JamesThis person is my brother and shares kindness, love and creativity with me every day. He is a stick to your guns type person who would always stand up for the person being bullied, left our or marginalised. He has kindness in his heart and mind.
Amy BrownThe lead and couch a team of passionate young people who delivery preventative mental health programs in schools all over NSW and ACT. They are legendary and making sure everyone in their team feels good and has the tools to go out and smash stigma surrounding Mental Health! They also deserve some down time!
Nic BrownNic has been a leader in the mental health space for the last 8 years providing opportunities for young people to reshape the way they approach mental health. He leads with kindness, care & compassion for those he works with and is just an all round top bloke.
Daisy OwenDaisy deserves this because she is a ray of sunshine who gives everything to give back to the community. She brings joy to our work place and cares so much for the cause of Youth mental health.
BiancaBianca is an absolute superstar. She joined my team a couple of years ago as a wide eyed energetic team player and has grown into a phenomenal powerhouse of a human and an integral part of the Team. She has stepped up in being a beacon of positive culture, wellbeing, passion and productivity, She always lends a hand to other teams and isnt afraid to step out of her comfort zone. showing all the new crew the ropes and stepping up across all aspects of her role!
Tyler PikeTyler is the kindest person I’ve ever met, he is always thinking of others and always puts others before himself. He is also the best dad!
KylaKyla spends her days embodying kindness as her top value and teaching kindness tips and tools to teenagers and corporate teams with the intention of creating a kinder, more loving and accepting world. she kindly volunteers her time empowering at risk teens who have faced experiences of suicide ideation and depression to turn their pain into a powerful creative platform and support to transform others lives.Plus she is the first person to put her hand up to support friends and others in the pursuit of their purpose driven creative dreams.
Nicole CecilNicole is always thinking of others, making people feel welcome and comfortable. She gives a lot to the team, to lift everyone’s spirits and create a fun atmosphere to be in.
TamsinThey have been working hard with woman and children experiencing domestic violence. They changed jobs and forged pathways to bring kindness back into peoples lives. They are always seeking ways to include people and always do
Ian WallaceIan has been a steadfast, stoic friend, pillar of support and very kind person to me and my family since we met over 10 years ago.

Ian is always considering the environment around us – for instance, if there is rubbish in his path, it is binned in a moment (and in the correct bin too!) … he believes in all consumer items having a long life and repairs things for himself and friends as he believes there is no need to be caught in the consumer trap when we have hands that are made to be creative.

Thoughtful and practical, Ian sparks selfless mindsets to life helping to bring his family, friends and community closer together – and closer to mother nature, mother Earth.

He is a great friend and a wonderful role model!
Annie Mullen-WalshAs a teacher of young women, Annie spreads kindness in and outside of the classroom. She empowers young women to feel safe and supported, to speak up for themselves and the people around them, and explore their creativity openly and honestly, while raising a wonderful, inquisitive and kind daughter of her own. Annie is also a poet and facilitates regular poetry nights for our community where she always ensures everyone feels safe – she is the bringer of joy to our events and leaves everyone with a smile on their face! On her weekends she is a celebrant and encourages people to celebrate their way – she always has a warm and fun-loving energy that cracks people open and helps them enjoy the moment. She always takes time to know the couples and their families/friends that she marries, and brings so much happiness to their day by listening and having fun with the bridal party. Annie always knows how to make me and those around her feel loved – and she has one of the greatest moral compasses I have ever had the fortune of encountering. She inspires me and many others to do better in this world! Love this woman to the moon and back!
Helen MorrisonMy nominee is my friend, my mentor, my doula, and an inspiration for walking lightly on the earth and connecting through care.

Helen has worked tirelessly to promote education and engagement around our Sydney Marine havens (well, what should. be havens but they now need human kind to help protect them – and Helen helps this message get out there!) …

Helen has worked with her family to organise a roster system for the care of her 96 year old mother – helping Beryl stay out of the nursing care system and making her life, in her twilight, rich, beautiful and connected.

Personally, Helen invests her earnings and time thoughtfully… She understands the full story of every item she purchases from clothing to food to transportation, ensuring her footprint is as light as possible.

And, Helen has been my mentor in so many ways. If I have a concern, a question or am in a quandary, she is always there to offer her knowledge and experience. She supported me through the birth of my first born – volunteering to be my doula (employing all the knowledge she had acquired from her earlier career as a nurse).

Helen would love to attend the Human Kind Festival 2023!
CammyCammy writes songs about love and connection to country. These songs make people smile, dance and love. Kindness manifests in many different viles, trinkets and potions – Cammy’s magic potion of choice is music.
Caterina PeraliCat spends so much of her time working towards the benefit of others. She works and volunteers with youngsters, she has been with AIME before and sees the vision. She is focused on wellbeing and health of others involving them in things like ice bathing, yoga and fitness.
HyoRyungHyoRyung has brought kindness just by being herself. She is incredibly understanding, empathetic and a great friend. During the initial COVID lockdowns, I was feeling particularly down and she surprised me by sending me a care package with chocolate, tea, beauty products, a book, a few other things and a beautiful message that I still have today. She also committed to a career as a Veterinarian and studied in Korea. I met her as a vet nurse in Australia and most vet nurses are unsurpassable in terms of being kind and empathetic human beings. I don’t think I can measure in hours the amount of time HypRyung has spent being kind. It’s just her.
Georgia ElliottGeorgia has been working to support run the AIME Program in Coffs Harbour. She has volunteered soooo many hours, hosted a program day with 250 students and worked with countless teachers. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s done more
Volunteering at a puppeteer production a few years ago to help bring connections to a community experiencing, separation, grief and loss. She’s now working in tech and has not had a creative outlet for her ideas but persisted regardless of the many challenging obstacles in her way. Even at a young age she always tries to show kindness to her self and others as a way of overcoming these challenges and passes that message forward.
I answered the number of hours per week because I don’t know how else to calculate it! CJ is my colleague at batyr, a youth-focussed mental health charity and he works tirelessly to support everyone in our community. He’s the treasurer for Deaf Rainbow and an unrelenting activist for fellow deaf folks and the LGBTIQA+ community at large. CJ was super excited by the lineup and it would mean a lot to be able to gift something to someone who gives so much to our team and the community at large.
Lincon DoringLincoln supports youth dirtbike events and has put aside $ to make sure that tracks are available in regional communities. He does this with pride and works to make sure others work with him to give kids activities in small communities.
Phillip OrcherTurned his life around and worked with Aboriginal knowledge to enhance his health, then began to build a system for community/personal health and safety, and is now developing technology to bring this to the world.Has recently secured funding to employ a team of people in the community to work on this project.
Shikye SmithShikye is the Lived Experience Engagement and Delivery Lead at the youth mental health charity, batyr. Every day Shikye supports young people to give a voice to their story of mental health at programs in schools and universities and through numerous other engagements such as media opportunities, content creation and consultation. Shikye is also the Director of Australia Galaxy Pageants who are well known for fundraising for different causes. Currently, they are raising money to support youth mental health.
Katrina RetallickKatrina has been an unintentional mentor to so many people – I can’t speak on behalf of others, but for me personally, she has always given me the gift of time especially when I’ve been seeking advice or opinions or just an ear to help sound out my thoughts and questions. Most recently she’s treated me to some vocal coaching to help get my singing voice back into action … and when I had my second baby, she helped me work through some tricky birthing choices.

Time and place can make holding and activating our friendships and connections difficult … but for some VIKP, no matter how far apart we move or how busy we can be, things can always be shuffled into place for those connections to still spark.And for Katrina, this is true.
Jane WallaceShe is the kindest, dearest friend, mother and daughter. She works hard to look after everyone in her life. And she’s full of wisdom and joy.
Alexander MurphyAlexandra has provided advice to people who are going though times of need and always has time to prioritise those in need. Alex is all giving with no expectations in return. She loves unconditionally, making everyone feel loved and wanted.
Melanie PapasavasMelanie has always been there for people who are down and out. Mel is never afraid to embrace people from all backgrounds and cultures. Mel is a kind human being who is always there to be a person to lean on and also gives the best advice. Mel is always happy to share advise and stand up for what’s right!!
Clyde FernandezDespite being in the corporate (often unkind) setting, Clyde’s led with kindness and this is visible in the way he empowers his teams, and also in the way he dealt with his recent lay-off. Genuinely kind human he is. Deserves a seat in the front row with us 😉
AnnieJen is perpetually the rallied of others, doer of good, rounder upper of helpers and thinker of people who are too often overlooked. She has an eye for detail and uses it to make people feel truly seen and cared for. She notices the nuance – that look that tells her things might not be 100% for someone. But then she does what most of us forget to do – she clocks it. And then she acts. She reaches out, takes you in and demonstrates genuine care and selflessness.

It’s been a bit of a slog for Jen recently and after delivering so much kindness and care to others for so long, I hope she’ll get some back in her direction. I want to call her out and help her feel inspired and excited, ready again to tackle anything with love and warmth and enthusiasm.
Jess ScullyFor creating YIMBY in Sydney and for freely giving of her time as the Councillor of Sydney in addition to being an awesome mum and a fab mentor and so much more 🙂
Dianne KnightDianne has spent her life considering others’ needs before her own. From being a world-class Mum to the best preschool teacher going to volunteering with orange sky and vinnies to now supporting young pregnant mums. All her life is dedicated towards acts of kindness for the world.
Samantha ThomasSam spreads kindness all day, every day. Her work is as a cheerleader and coach for folks but she goes above and beyond in this role, spreading kindness to all. She regularly volunteers to support youth in our organisation and we are so blessed to know her.
Maria BarryMy sweet sister has worked all her life to spread kindness! With pets, animals,humans. She volunteers her time to help Australian immigrants, refugees and anyone doing it tough, with special love and attention for your little ones.
Namratathis nominee always puts her family’s needs above her own and goes out of her way to ensure that each and every member of her fam (from her parents to her little sis to her tiny infant) are looked after and thriving. that’s a classic eledest south-asian daughter slay. as her little sister, i’m in awe of her selflessness and she has inspired my 2023 kindness goal of actioning and prioritising random and deep acts of kindness towards my family. she is a big fan of the wim hof method and i think it’s about time someone does a kind act for her and gets her free tix to see wim hof at this conference!
GraemeDuring covid my dad’s company, that he has ran all his life, got literally torn to the ground. He had to let off all his employees go and we stopped making any income through all of the pandemic.
This caused a great impact on my dads mental health. We were scared we were going to loose him.

Luckily, in the last few months, my dad has began rebuilding his business from the group up. He has proven himself to be so kind and strong, setting a great example to all his employees and our family. Through this he has maintained his humour, kindness and love, even through his own rough times.
NikkaAlways looking out for others, the kindest human I know.
Raghu VenkatRaghu is an amazing individual who is constantly giving to his family and community. He is a person of colour and provides support to his Indian community (via tutoring, food, transport) and for many decades has also been active in supporting Indigenous Communities.
Sarah RosenbergSarah has diverted her grief into establishing a free resource to assist victims of sexual assault. She has done this to help others in a way that she was not helped. To lessen the burden and to help victims to feel they are not alone and that people do care. She is my hero
Ella TomlinsonShe holds space for others going thru tough times. She volunteers her time at orphanages and shelters for elderly. She donated clothes and food to shelters. She teaxhes meditation to young people
Anna LockwoodAnna nominates a charity for her birthday to raise money for them. She donates to charities and always buys lots of AIME hoodies to support AIME. She supports lots of Aboriginal causes. She is a great mentor to me and others.
Clare LewiSClare has spent over 5 years making documentaries for social change including ‘there goes our Neighbour hood’ about unsung heroes fighting for their homes on a public housing estate in Sydney. She dedicates most of her work developing digital content for social Justice and environmental causes. She’s also an amazing mother to two nontoxic boys.
KeeganKeegan is always helping people however he can. He jumps in to support his family, is always there for his friends, and volunteers his skills to support a variety of not-for-profits and social enterprises such as the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, the Women’s Art Register, and SalamaTea. In the past couple of weeks he organized a group of people to go to SalamaTea (a social enterprise that supports refugees and asylum seekers) for a cooking class to support the cafe which is struggling at the moment. He spreads kindness by bringing people together and making them feel welcome at work, and by offering endless kindness and emotional support to his partner when she’s very stressed.
Tomas GronichTomas has been volunteering at a PCYC for over four years now. He has been consistently showing up as a volunteer coach 3 days a week and has helped 100s of people become fitter physically as well as mentally. He has also taught some of the people coaching skills as some others important life skills on financial security and other topics through recommending and giving away self help books.He also helped his family immensely throughout adulthood.if he is not deserving of the kindness award, I’m not sure who is!! 😉
Meera GovalupillayShe is the most selfless person I know. From donating to and volunteering for animal shelters, caring about those around her and going out of her way to help others.
VickiVicki is my mum. She has been there for me through a lot of hard times and shown support in many different ways. She is a great sewer, too. She sews bags, quilts and other things for donations, as gifts and just because.
Bethany EdwardsBethany has shown great initiative being kind to other beings on this planet. She always strives to be her best and friendliest. Without her I wouldn’t be half as confident.
Charlotte WhelanCharlotte was hired to do some paid work for our company, but boy does she go above and beyond. She seriously works so hard to make us great and feel attended to and cared for. I know she thinks broadly and works hard at everything she puts her hand to.

I hope Human Kind Syd will be an amazing opportunity to connect with other wonderful people like her.
CrystalCrystal is all about spreading kindness in her local community. She volunteers her time working with various orgnanisations to give back to her community on the central coast. Not only this but she spreads kindness through her work and across the social channels she manages for batyr!
AmandaAmanda is am empath that supports her community by providing space for people to share what they need to. She shows kindness to others in selfless ways each and every day. She is one of those people that lives in such deep kindness to others that she needs to remember to keep some for herself!
Mick OrmsbyThis gent has been spreading kindness for years and we have been lucky enough to have him working at Sydney boys high for two years in which time his endless compassion, kindness and time he finds to ensure he is there to support both staff and students has been quite incredible. He has been a continuous pillar of strength whos. Calmness and willingness to help are unmatched by anybody I have seen.
Will GrayWill has supported me since the first day I met him. He’s always willing to share his time, wisdom, experience & knowledge to help others out.

He’s also always the first to say yes when you ask for help and to donate & support causes that he’s passionate about.

Through his business, Hidden Door, Will has delivered team building events, pro bono, to AiME, batyr & many other great organisations.
Justine PurdieFor Juz’she’s spent her life with the little ones in our world. Every day turning up to help them learn, grow, sing, laugh, to catch their cries and welcome them with hugs and understanding, she’s helped with our little girls as they’ve found their way onto planet earth and I couldn’t be happier to nominate this unbelievably kind human being.
Darryl BestDarryl is working in our local area to unite the community for positive climate action.
Debbie BestDebbie worked her whole life as a librarian and epitomises kindness
BethBeth is the kind of person who will always reach out & is a listening ear without judgment. She always has time for anyone & constantly puts in the work to improve herself as a good human. When my sister unexpectantly and tragically passed away – she was the only person to reach out a loving hand & gave me the opportunity to open up, when that is not something I would typically do. she is a good human. that’s it.
Nicole GandyNicole is a geriatric nurse at RPA. She literally holds hands of people as they pass away. I can’t overstate how important her role in society is. Caring for scared family, other staff and patients.
Stuart WilsonHe works in employment and champions employment for underprivileged and those with disabilities
Tammy CeppiTammy volunteers for the Angel network, raising money for soup kitchens in South Africa. The Angel network also sources furniture and necessary items for women leaving DV situations, refugees and anyone in need. Tammy is constantly spreading joy to all those around her and is always giving.
Stuart WilsonI worked at a homeless shelter for 10 years. I yea h my child that the number one rule is kindness.
Carol lalorShe volunteers at the local footy club and is a mentor to help high school students. Is a granny to all the kids in the neighbourhood.
PenelopeAlways willing to help any one. volunteers in the local community and with foster kids.
Peter GurneyPeter has been traveling the US a Po spreading kindness to his family & friends. He was super kind to me getting settled on flight to SYD.
Anthony LenthenLenny is a giver. Thoughtful as a friend and parent and a leader.kind to all and treats everyone with respect.
Justine LloydThe most helpful person in the world! Always asking ‘how can I help?’
Julie RehdiSuch an amazing person. volunteers for little athletics and her local schools P and C
Catherine LangeAmazing lady who volunteers for her kids sports clubs. Also has a child with physical disability so is very busy with medical appointments etc….but ALWAYS finds the time to physically, mentally and financially support others around her.
Fayrooz DavidsI judt met her today and shes keen to continue spreading kindness but all on all, shes a giver and generally a happy petson whose happiness can bring others joy and peace
AmyEndlessly caring. heart of gold. Big idea thinker who works from inside the community full of the lesser known and less heard people. a voice and powerhouse for the people
Adrian WinkworthThis kind loving man, is currently sad because his father in unwell and passing away. Adrian volunteers at Tribal Warrior and does free physiotherapy on First Nations people’s from every walk of life. He supports programs, feeds the homeless and volunteers with the Gesundheit Institute healthcare workshops once a week.
Kristy GregoryKristy has spread her love amd kindness helping families . Working with staff in hospital at hear cottage a children’s hospice proactive a doer patient and caring in everything she does
JoeySince being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 19, my best friend Joey has made being an advocate for those suffering from chronic illness the driving force in his life. While also suffering from Ehlers Denlos syndrome (EDS), Joey took a 180 with his life and career goals by studying to become a mental health nurse and a diabetes educator. From volunteering at health clinics and initiatives, placements in Nepal, and even using his social media following to raise awareness and be a spokesperson for the chronic illness community, he has placed the needs of others at the forefront of his life and this is why I want to nominate him.
MilicaMilica holds a wealth of experience predominantly in the telecommunications and professional services sectors and holds a deep interest in health, arts and gender equity initiatives where she has consistently spread kindness!

She has volunteered throughout her life from the National Breast Cancer Foundation whilst studying at school and university, right through to volunteering for Dementia Australia in more recent years. In addition, Milica has used her corporate governance skills to serve terms on a Young Ambassadors Committee for a well-known Art Gallery and also the Old Girls’ Union of her school.

Milica has also demonstrated her impact to global organisations through consistent delivery of programs and extra-curricular initiatives driving gender equity – in particular she co-founded a national coaching and leadership program at her workplace which promoted a culture of networking and diversity of thought across the business, and support leadership and growth opportunities. She is also a proud activator of Coralus/SheEO a global network of radically generous people supporting women and their businesses working on the world’s to-do lists.

She is quite simply brilliant, a go-getter, committed and kind – and you can often find her fundraising for many outdoor charity challenges too.
MarinaMarina is passionate about young people and providing them with the skills, opportunities and experiences to unleash their true potential. She believes in the exponential role that the arts, business and sport can play in creating opportunities that encourage young people to express themselves (something that many will agree is important post-pandemic more than ever!)

Marina has been involved in spreading kindness for a few decades – from establishing university mentor programs and being a representative on many student bodies, through to co-founding charity fundraising committees raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer and youth mental health initiatives. In addition, Marina has also held governance roles for charity committee and organisations and social impact causes.
MarinaMarina is passionate about young people and providing them with the skills, opportunities and experiences to unleash their true potential. She believes in the exponential role that the arts, business and sport can play in creating opportunities that encourage young people to express themselves (something that many will agree is important post-pandemic more than ever!)

Marina has been involved in spreading kindness for a few decades – from establishing university mentor programs and being a representative on many student bodies, through to co-founding charity fundraising committees raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer and youth mental health initiatives. In addition, Marina has also held governance roles for charity committee and organisations and social impact causes.
Caterina PeraliKindness embodied is Caterina. Since her time at AIME, she has been give-give-ing non-stop into the world around her, and I think this is an inborn quality of hers. Give-giving since birth she is I suspect. And this is her chance to receive the gift of kindness and come hang with us at HUMAN KIND 😉
Rachel ClarkWorking on organ donation research to spread the gift of life around to people… Beyond this also she does tonnes of work to uplift community and celebrate the people around her. A kind human is Rachel and I’d love for her to attend!
Melanie GrebloMelanie is the founder of Scriibed and Banksia Academy She is helping vonerable women with lived experience of DFV and trauma re-enter the workforce and to heal via the Banksia Academy. She is one of the most kind and caring souls I met in 2022. Selfless and giving she is making adifference for women and families and has huge ambition to change the narrative and redesribe the lives of women survivors. I have alerted her of my nomination and she was thrilled.
Elise molElise is a nurse who is so passionate about her patients and their care she always goes above and beyond to help others client’s,friends and family and her colleagues she will do anything for anyone that asks her she is one of the most caring people I know
Prit PatelThe nominee has always helped the less fortunate in every way he can
Caterina PeraliFrom the moment you meet Cat, she greets you with open arms. She takes you in as if you were family. In everything she does she shows kindness. And it’s not only limited to humans, she also passes this kindness onto nature.
John NovakJohn Novak is an incredible human being that helped me through one of the toughest times of my life. His positive mindset and energy taught me how to grow and respect myself and frankly changed my life. He runs a program, The Boomerang Effect, where he presents schools, Olympic athletes and business’s to move in kindness and positivity, and that what we put out is what we get back, so be kind to one another. If we get our mindset right, there’s no stopping us! I truly hope you all get to meet him at HumanKind : )
Rachael HelshemRachael is a young nurse in the oncology ward at her local public hospital, all day she is helping people who are mostly at the end of their journey due to horrible disease beyond anyones control, but she keeps strong everyday seeing people dying and doing everything in her power and goes beyond the role of her job to ensure they are safe, happy, comfortable and those around them are also ok and coping. Her kindness doesn’t stop in her workplace everyday in all she does every action is considerate of those around her, she always wants everyone to be ok and happy and is a natural caregiver to the world expecting not a single thing in return.
Martin BeecheMartin dedicates a major part of his life to helping others find their meaning, building their awareness about their place in the planet and enabling personal growth. He champions women’s rights and gender equality and seeks ways to reduce toxic masculinity. He does this through his work in leadership training and through being there for his friends and community. He is also the father of four wonderful kids and a wonderful husband.
Alex Matthews-laneHere’s a short list of why my friend Alex is a kind person:
– alongside work and uni he coaches volleyball to kids (and has even attempted to teach me, bless him)
– he cares a lot about the people around him and the world
– he radiates positive energy
– he’s helped me massively to settle into Australia and has been a lovely friend to me 🙂
Jemima O’Halloran-ColeMy daughter, Jemima volunteered taking intellectually disabled adults swimming when she was 16 years old. She had completed a first aid course around the previous year due to an interest in a future medical work career and helping others. She saved a friends life after they almost died after a reckless intake of alcohol and drugs. She would not tell me who or how she did this but she did say she stayed with this person for several hours when all the other friends were home in bed. Over a period of three years my daughter saved a close friend of hers from acting on suicidal thoughts And attempts. She did this by sharing her knowledge of first aid and applying it, liaising with police ambulance, psychologists and hospital staff, coordinated transport and tracking to at times chase her friend down before they acted on these impulses. My daughter was on the scene and acted in these emergencies when no parents were around. This is at a time when all the other friends were partying and her friend had left because they felt embarrassed or daughter discovered her friend’s secret by feeling her pain so strongly that she asked me whether she should help her and be her friend. She asked me because she knew the responsibility and commitment that would take her own time and headspace.My daughter withstood her friend’s parents’ accusations as though my daughter was somehow part of the cause but she recognised their desperation and fear was from their need to blame someone. my daughter spoke to them with kindness to help them locate their daughter. My daughter continued to help them track their daughter’s whereabouts when they were sharp tongued at her for fear their daughter had disappeared forever. My daughter spoke to them plainly and with kindness. They never thanked my daughter for saving daughter’s final words to her friends parents were firm and reassuring. They had made being kind so hard. Her friend completed high school and now studies at university even though this kindness shown to her by my daughter was thankless.
Zoe McarthyZoe works as a Career Trackers Mentor and supported me through my internship with AIME. She was devoted and passionate about her work and holds many of AIME’s key values.
Hanna ClutterbuckShe is a passionate music teacher for young and old and has supported our family through some very tough times.
Heather BeebeHeather Beebe is a Teacher Consultant at NSW Department of Education and Communities. She is a wonderful warm person who brings kindness to all she meets.
Christine BirdChristine has been working to assist disadvantaged community members for over 30 years. She is an incredible woman who works tirelessly to improve the life circumstances of disadvantaged community members. She truly is a modern day hero.
Jennifer NixonJennifer works for the Wesley Mission on the EVP program she helps victims of DFV with emotional and financial support. She is incredibly dilligent and caring. She goes above and beyond to help those in need.
Rachel SmithSuch an incredible lady. Seven News even covered what she had done. Founder of Pantry for the People to ward off food insecurity. She helps thousands in Sydney to keep food in their cupboards and the motto of the Pantry is “Give what you can, take what you need”. Such a beautiful caring and utterly selfless lady who deserves acknowledgement.
JoshJosh became an AIMe mentor for the last factory day. He went through training and is using his position in a big four for good.currently he is working on how to make the NDIS a more supportive, efficient system to help others.
Gillian MedburyOne of the most selfless people I know Gillian Medbury helps anyone on need and always puts others first. She has no doubt saved lives with her incredible kindness. She has done a lot to support the LGBTQ community and works tirelessly in her career. One of those unique down to earth souls why deserves this acknowledgement
Ross SeegerWhen he was at Salesforce, really pushed Indigenous voice to the center to the best of his abilities. Now that Salesforce have let go of some key staff, including Rossco, this is us at AIME being kind. And uniting us all at HUMAN KIND :D….
Sandy BlackburnSandy works for one of Australia’s leading impact organisations. They work with organisations who are ready to increase their social, environmental or cultural impact through an evidence based approach that centres the needs of vulnerable people, ecosystems and cultures. They specialise in researching, designing, costing, measuring and contracting for impact.
Josipa KosanovicJosipa has been helping new migrants learn English in her local park. It started with just one person but she is such a kind teacher that her students have grown to four! I think she is so kind because she understands what is like to learn another language in a new country. She always likes to help others and embodies kindness all the time.
Helen CaldwellWith a 10 year stint at AIME building bridges like no other, and a recent gig at School for Life, handing over the reins to the local community in UGANDA and being an awesome mum and a kind human through it all – Helen is a gem… Let’s have her at HUMAN KIND please cos she’s one of the kindest humans I know 🙂
Terrance KwanTerrance always gives his time freely to assist not for profit community focused organisations. His efforts have assisted these organisations in their growth and he is always incredibly kind, accomadating and hard working.A wonderful addition to the collective gathering. He has been put forth due to his ability to assist charitable causes professionally and his person values on kindness.
Jessie WilliamsJessie has been nominated for fostering generosity and facilitating connection between those who want to give and those seeking to make change for the better.
As part of the Community Capital Foundation.
Her efforts in producing meaningful change
Of social issues through raising awareness and activity. Building stronger communities and augmenting smaller, not-for-profits and empowering citizen engagement have earned her a nomination.
Sharyn ClarkSharyn Clark is my older sister. I am nominating her because she practices mindfulness and kindness every single day she is a great inspiration to me. She never forgets a birthday, she goes out of her way to help family and freinds and is kind to everyone she meets. If anyone is ill see visits them in hospital, she cooks and shares her recipes with her neighbours,she looks out for elderly residents in her local area,she always puts the needs of others before her own and never expects any acknowledgement. She truly is a wonderful example of pure humble human kindness. For this reason I have given her a nomination.
Jessica TimminsJess considers others at every point of every thought process/decision she makes. She only makes her decisions when she knows it will positively influence others. A key example is how she runs Dance Chance – a weekly dance group for those with intellectual disability. In addition to this, how she spends her time/how she makes her income considering how her mind can influence others to act authentically and kindly.
SitaraSitara goes out of her way to help anyone she crosses paths with. She always has time and energy to give and does so with a smile on her face. She is the type of person if you mention you are forgot to get your wife a gift for her birthday in a casual conversation, you will have a list of options in your inbox that hour. Her kindness is the type that can go unnoticed but the kindness we all need.
Derrick GrimesAdvice, service and information can be delivered in many ways, thankfully Derrick delivers this in a caring meaningful way. Showing and leading by example.
Annabel AnkerAnnabel is a great friend to many, providing advice and care to so many!! I met her in my early high school years and with over 25 years I would consider her pivotal in knowing that life can happen, take you on ups and downs and you can still have lasting friendships that keep you strong.
Nicole GrayPassion and practice in education, art, indigenous communities and culture… need I say more about this amazing person that serves our youth.
AndrewAndrew is a pure heart who takes time out of his day to care for others. No matter what the task is he is always ready to help even if he has no idea how to get the task done. He is the biggest support and will always have your best interest at heart and make sure you feel valued.
Sean Andrew MartinThe nominee is the most kind person I know. From the first moment we met I instantly felt comfortable with them and better about myself. They are not only kind to me and their family but everyone they know they have been kind to strangers waiting at bus stop and kids they have mentored in after school programs. I wish more people were as kind as Sean.
Joanne LiaJo came into the Imagination Factory and bought such warmth and care that she soon returned to film some lovely informative and educational videos for AIME staff with Professor Blue. Jo is amazing and walks the talk.
Brenda DolanWork, life and babies!
Drew DaviesDrew my brother in law is an all around amazing guy. He’s always been there for our fam to support in every single way, at the drop of a hat! While being dad of the year for his own tribe! Such a legend, I hope you get to meet him at Human Kind!
Karina ClemmensenNominating my amazing mum!! How could I not, she’s the most caring loving soul who deserves a few days connecting and enjoying meeting all of you beautiful people. She volunteers at meals on wheels every week as well as making massive home cooked meals for the homeless on Friday nights at Martin Place. LOVE YOU MUM!!
CathKath is a wonderful kind woman who works for the Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre she has been nominated for her tireless effort in looking out for those less fortunate in her community.
Christina ChristouChristina is a healer – a reiki, shamen, holistic healer and counselor – she provides free healing and mediation sessions to people who are struggling. She is always organizing healing mediations to send healing to the earth.
Alex CowellI’ve nominated Alex because they support orgs who are doing good for the world and who are making positive change.
Ricardo MedeirosI have nominated Ricardo for doing great work with organisations who are supporting people in need.
Siobhan ReynoldsSiobhan works for the Bobby Goldsmith foundation and works tirelessly in the LGBTQ community. They have been nominated by their peers.
Susan DuffySusan Duffy was nominated by the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation for her incredible contribution to their organisation. She will be thrilled to attend.
Matt RuleMatt Rule works tirelessly in the LGBTQ community to assist in rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol. He works tirelessly to improve the well-being of the TGBTQ community. He has been nominated by his peers.
Georgio PalamoGeorgio Palamo was nominated by members of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation for his tireless efforts in helping the LGBTQ and wider community. He works tirelessly in the area of social well being and drug rehabilitation.
Nick LawsonNick has been nominated by his peers at the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation he is thrilled to be attending did even as are his colleagues who do a huge amount of good in the community. Helping in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and well-being to the LGBTQ and wider community.
Emma FentonEmma has been nominated by her peers at the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation for her incredible efforts in kindness working tirelessly in her department to effect community well being and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The members of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation are thrilled to be invited to the Human Kind Festival
Joseph ClarkeJoseph has done everything for me in relation to my health and wellbeing. Joseph hasn’t only done this for me but for all the people he knows including a whole community. Joseph stopped at nothing to make sure a festival that was about healing country and culture – Mayi Festival in Bourke. Joseph bought out artists like Barkka JK47, Kobie Dee, the list goes on. Not only did he bring music and vibes he bought the kinchela boys home aboriginal corporation out to support survivors of the stolen generation. He helped a lot of people that day. Jospeh built the Social and Emotional Wellbeing program in Bourke to support anyone and everyone! Joseph loves to give and asks nothing in return. Joseph is Kindess and an amazing human HANDS DOWN)
Maeve MitchellThe person nominated is my CareerTrackers advisor and spreads kindness to all in the CT community by being our first point of contact, making sure we feel supported in our internships and culturally safe. She goes above and beyond for us!
Tahu StanleyTahu is a CareerTrackers Advisor. He supports the CareerTrackers internship community, He leads with kindness and always wants the best for the interns and endeavours to make a difference every day.
Cameron McMurtrieCameron is a CareerTrackers Advisor. He supports the CareerTrackers internship community, He leads with kindness and always wants the best for the interns and endeavours to make a difference every day.
Clancy KeesClancy has been a pillar in our relationship with CareerTrackers. He has been a sounding board for Suz through her internship, he leads with kindness and always wants the best for our interns.
Ella RigneyElla is our new CareerTrackers contact. She has been a wonderful addition to the team and is always there to assist us with whatever needs to be done. She is kind and a joy to work with! I’m excited to see where we can take our relationship with CareerTrackers with her on our team 🙂
Nicole NilssonNicole has joined us recently as a story factory volunteer and has already committed to a bunch of our in-school creative writing workshops and behind the scenes opportunities with such enthusiasm!
Sharon BrimsonSharon is a TAFE teacher who constantly goes above and beyond her job description to invest extra, non-curricula time in students who share her passion for learning. In particular, she supports students with disability to undertake learning at a pace that works for them, and imbues her teaching with a passion that fuels students’ love of learning so that they inevitably become lifelong learners.
Alex McAlpinAlex is a wonderful volunteer with a heart of gold. She has been with Story Factory since 2020 and since then has done so much work for us!
Amy DenmeadeAmy is an amazing person and a half who has completed sooo many hours of volunteering!! She’s been around from the very beginning of story factory and just cares so much for our kids.
Jon BurgessJon has built a network that promotes giving back and lifting up others.
Reese GhezziReese is a new volunteer with us at story factory and has already signed up for multiple behind the scenes opportunities!
Arunn JeganArunn is kindness itself. He is always open, considerate and generous with his time and energy. Plus, he has dedicated his professional life to helping others — he works at MSF and regularly goes overseas to collaborate and assist vulnerable displaced people, especially in Bangladesh, where he goes above and beyond the responsibility of his job to form meaningful friendships, build trust, compassion and yes, kindness. He’s a real legend.
Mariana AyrozaHelping to address climate change and create a more sustainable world.
Mark AchesonMy brother, Mark, founded an online kindness community with more than 20,000 members. Kindly is an online volunteer app developed during the pandemic to help people isolated or in need of goods and supplies. Formerly Crisis Heroes, Kindly has gone on to help thousands of people during natural disasters, like the devastating floods in QLD and NSW, as well as empower everyday Australians to support one another via acts of kindness. Furthermore, Kindly partnered with LivingWorks Australia, the largest suicide first aid trainer in the country, to train its users in suicide first aid and ultimately make the platform a safer place. Mark continues to work on Kindly whilst balancing a full-time job.The platform makes next to no money, but Mark continues to work on it in a bid to help others. You can check out the website here:
Gemma richardsGemma has been with Story Factory since 2020 and has done so much work for us since then! She has a positive attitude to everything and is always willing to go above and beyond for our students.
Chiara di GiorgioChiara volunteers in many social programs. She is always ready to spread knowledge and support for other women
Chiara di GiorgioShe have been volunteering in transition Bondi to raise awareness to important issues like climate change, community gardens, degrowthand and other initiatives .
She has been inspiring people to be more kind and to look after our planet
Matt ThomeA genuinely selfless human with an energy and nature that radiates as such. Always has other peoples best interests before his own and lives on a currency of giving being a devout father and friend to many
Brenda DolanThe kindest soul always there to listen and and with a positive attitude
Gemma AquilinaGemma has brought more kindness to this world than one can imagine. She has done this through he teachings and ventures via food and susatinability. I can honestly say that she has taught and sahred so uch abotu food and its importance on out lives to so many.She is the most deserving of this opportunity.
Sean Andrew MartinSean is the most honest and kind person I have ever met. They spread love and kindness through music and family.
Barbara MerzThey have spread kindness through flowers and good, laughter and love, yoga and stories. She works for the environment and is in the frontlines of climate resilience for communities in Africa and Asia.
David GrayceThey spread kindness through noticing deeply unique + beautiful things in the world, through mentoring others, and tying great knots of connection for people and tents. They are kind to babies and dogs and even cats, but not overdoing with cats. They know good ideas and stand for what they believe. If you are ever sad they will compassionately listen and help you through.
Lottie CeizzmanGoes above and beyond to help people.
Rob SchwetzI’ve only recently met Rob, however I find his work fascinating!! Rob is a B Corp consultant and author of white paper “6 valuable benefits of becoming a B Corp”. He spends his time educating and advising businesses on a more sustainable future with regard to climate change and social inequity! More kind people like these are needed if we’re gonna make change for our future!
Hannah Ashford131040hrs of kindness – seems a bit far fetched to lay that down but I genuinely think Hannah had the capacity for kindness from the age of two – a child that was taught, but more importantly had moving within her the capacity to be kind. This taking form in her love for her family and close ones, and more broadly her sharing with and relating to other humans. As she grew this deepened and gained complexity, so that it wasn”t pouring from her in direct contact with another human, but also taking shape behind the scenes – where no audience observes – working for others benefits without their direct knowledge, only for them to feel the manifestation of that kindness later and indirectly. Her kindness in recent years is peaking on a global scale in her role with non-for-profit The Karman Project, for whom she sits at the helm as managing director. Without going on too much of a deep dive (go check them out yourself!) her mission with them is the democratisation of space for the betterment of all of us humans on earth. An endeavour so special to her, that at its centre sits kindness – kindness to those around her, kindness to her expanding network, kindness to humanity.
Danerine MendietaThe person I nominate is the director of a social project in Peru that seeks to help children and adolescents in vulnerable homes with artistic and environmental workshops, developing a volunteer program in which university students participate.
Anthony KiddAnthony has supported AIME through INTV and IMAGINE, he’s also got his own acting school and runs benchmark management. Anthony is one of the kindest people I know.
Lauren GleecherLauren is a vivacious and enthusiastic individual who is passionate about health and wellness, and more specifically mental health, having both experience working with health initiatives as well as navigating her own mental health journey.

With a background in PR and communications, Lauren has a key eye on finding and sharing people’s stories to help generate community and connection. During her career Lauren has put her hand up to work with probono clients including Mood Tea, Dogs Trust UK, The Banksia Foundation and KidsXpress. It’s with these initiatives that Lauren developed assets to generate talkability within the media to help raise awareness, not just locally but globally as well.

Lauren has also given her time to volunteering programs throughout her life, with St Canice’s Kitchen in Rushcutter’s Bay right through to being nominated as the Mercy Captain at her highschool where she led a team to make dinners to be distributed to the homeless every fortnight.

Most recently, Lauren was given the additional role as Head of Culture. She created an on-boarding program to help new starters during lockdown feel supported and connected with teammates. She has always been part of the social and culture teams to drive morale.

For the past decade Lauren has dedicated time, effort and money into developing herself and investing in various health and wellness activities from meditation and breathwork to coaching and mentoring. Lauren has an extremely high EQ, an entrepreneurial spirit and has a deep love for people and finding out what makes them tick.
Sam DaviesSam, my mother in law is one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met! Not only has she taken me in like a daughter of her own when I needed someone in my life, she’s been an incredible support system to Dan and Benis mother, Judy Single through her life and what’s been thrown at her. Could not love this woman more or think of a more deserving person for this one!! I would love for her to be there to listen to Dans talk on Friday : )
ChiaraShe volunteers at the community garden in Bondi and does all the admin for them. She holds dinner parties for all the people around Bondi with no parents so it’s like a big Italian family. While juggling her own three kids ❤️
ChittyShe is always up to organize something for the community and our group of friends. She goes out of her way to help people out of her circle of friends as well. Love the way she inspired me to eat less meat just with her kind words. We know each other for 18 years and she always welcomed me with a big smile
Alex FracazoHe has been mentoring people in his area of UX design for some years
IyschaThis person has always been a great friend to everyone. She always smiles and includes everyone whenever we have parties. They always go out of their way to make sure everyone is included and having fun. During my break up she was there for me 100% of the time and always cheered up when I was down. I can’t think of anyone else who is more kinder than this person. Even on her rough days she always makes sure that she kind to everyone and puts on a brave face for us all. Even in her job she is the most giving and kindest person to her clients. She spreads kindness everyday and rarely is unkind to anyone she encounters. Thank you for always being my friend and making sure everyone is okay.
Nthabiseng MohanelaNthabiseng Mohanela is a community leader who is dedicated to promoting good health and balance within her community. She is a passionate conservationist and an activist who advocates for menstrual hygiene issues and sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR). In February 2021, she started a menstrual care foundation which has grown successfully over time, attracting health partners who offer free counseling and consultations to young people.

Nthabiseng is a compassionate individual who is keen on upholding the dignity of young girls in her community. As such, she creates podcasts that educate girls about self-care and menstruation. Her podcasts cover topics such as the menstrual process, how to take care of their bodies, and how to become more confident. She believes that educating girls about these issues will not only help them maintain good hygiene practices but also boost their self-esteem.

Aside from her work on menstrual hygiene, Nthabiseng is also actively involved in creating job opportunities for the youth in her community. She collaborates with local organizations and businesses to offer new jobs and opportunities for young people. Moreover, she has been helping her team to develop grant writing skills so that they can access funding and achieve financial freedom.

Nthabiseng’s work has had a significant impact on her community. Through her foundation, she has provided vital information on menstrual hygiene and SRHR to young people, which has empowered them to take care of their bodies and make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. She has also helped to create job opportunities for young people, which has reduced unemployment and poverty in her community.

In conclusion, Nthabiseng Mohanela is a community leader who is passionate about promoting good health and balance within her community. Her work on menstrual hygiene issues and SRHR has had a positive impact on young people in her community, while her efforts to create job opportunities have helped to reduce unemployment and poverty. Her dedication to empowering young people through education and skills development is commendable and serves as a shining example to others. In addition to her work as a community leader, Nthabiseng is also known for her kindness and compassion towards others. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need and is known for her warm and friendly demeanor. Her kindness towards others is reflected in her dedication to promoting good health and well-being within her community, and her commitment to empowering young people through education and skills development.
Fia HamiltonFia spreads kindness through her social media pages, by encouraging young women to believe in themselves, live healthier lifestyles and be their authentic selves. She additionally works in disability and goes above and beyond for her clients. She is also the most caring friend and sister.
ALejandro ReyesAlejandro has volunteered with kids in his native Colombia who are living in very poor areas without access to education or classroom items. Having moved to Australia, he is striving to become a nurse so he can continue to help people.

He became interested in Family Violence prevention due to his partner’s job at Djirra, a First Nations organisation in Victoria set up to provide legal services to Indigenous women fleeing family violence.

Alejandro wants to leave the world a better place, and in the future, would like to work with disadvantaged communities.
MenakaMenaka has volunteered with refugees, young girls in the foster care system, and migrants learning English.
Menaka currently works in family violence prevention, trying to make the world a better place for vulnerable women.
Menaka is passionate about gender equality, and advocates for this whenever she can.
Paul ANTENUCCIPaul has facilitated retreats and run service learning programs for young people for nine years and now coaches and supports staff working with marginalised young people. Paul is very kind.
He tries hard to be a good human and is really cute.
KerrieDoing my job with passion, supporting children with special needs including my own daughter regardless of my own mental health/wellbeing. Always putting others first.
Kirsty SimmondsAnimal lover extraordinaire – need I say more?
Shilpa MohanShe’s volunteered in India every week to support communities outside the margins for food access and clothing. In Sydney connects people through TEDX Sydney to create solutions in our world.
Vinisha RashadVini has allowed women in tech to thrive through her mentorship initiatives and within the start up space
Emma FentonEmma is our donor relations coordinator and pretty much always gets forgotten about at our organisation as she does alll of the grunt work of managing our regular donors and I think it’s often taken for granted. Emma is so generous worth her time.
Veronica masonI’m high performance coach!
VinishaShe spreads kindness through economics.
MattMatt is an amazing person who goes above and beyond to help people
Zelda SmythZelda is a lifelong server to community through her small acts of kindness. Zelda will always give people time to chat connect and always compliment and be gifting others with small acts of service like looking after a neighbours house while they are away or supporting a good cause. zelda is especially kind to nature and animals. She has a property that she wishes to use as an animal refuge and to preserve the life of every tree, plant and animal already living on the land.
Graeme Frauenfelder30+ years of volunteering at summer camps for youth, international development programs, volunteer clowing with Patch Adams, 13 years caring for aging parents, school programs for primary school children (kindness weeks and school assemblies). Motiviational and inspirational speaking, student leadership at universities. Training teenagers for community service programs, community festival participant, supporing people at end of life (choir and sitting with people to hear their stories and journey through life)
Zelda SmythZelda is a lover of nature and puts her energy into securing the future of humanity by preserving nature, protecting our wild life. She has a property that serves as an animal refuge and a protected space for all the plants and animals living there. It’s 3000 acres of land and every tree plant animal are protected. She believes animals have the same rights as people and have a right to exist. She believes plants and especially trees have the rifht to live and prosper and grow just as everyone and every being does. She is also a very caring soul to the community, she helps the elderly neighbours with their shopping and taking out the rubbish and looking after their house. Zelda is also a performer and shares her life in song at different community events, often singing songs at the surf life saving club and events for charitable events such as the street dogs of India campaign in Goa that raised money for the hundreds of dogs that live wild by the beaches. Zelda the passionate performer was running theatre for the community in Randwick and running workshops for people who identified as neurodiverse . Now she is running weekly free events in Bondi for mindfulness wellness, with Icebaths, yoga and conscious touch. Her compassion her energy and vitality touch many people in the area. The weekly event has seen her get deeper into these healing modalities especially breathwork and icebath as inspired by wim Hoff. She now is passionate about telling people the great benefits of icebathing and breathwork and wishes to start up retreats up on her property for people who are suffering from depression anxiety, homelessness and abuse. She believes these tools can change the patterning of our mind and how we relate to suffering and pain. I believe if Zelda is able to go to this talk it would expand her knowledge on these topics of healing, tools for this modern life. It would help the community if Zelda is able to continue growing and learning and making connections with other people who are working in these fields. Her property has cows and as a result magic mushrooms. This has also been a gift and for many decades now Zelda has been underground advocate and medicine mamma of the sacred mushroom which has been so so so beneficial for people to really break free of mental blocks and traps and start living again. There is so much I can tell you about the good work this woman has been doing. I really hope you consider her for a ticket. I believe it would be amazing for her to attend and be exposed to the great minds speaking. Please give this beautiful kind hearted woman a ticket! It would bring so much to our community. Thank you
KristenKristen is a beautiful healer and community ice bath queen. Every Sunday Kristen and I run Icebaths for the public in Bondi beach. Kristen is so dedicated, she wakes at 6am goes to buy tens of kilos of ice then drives down to Bondi and sets up her little tub fills it with ice and welcomes anyone passing by to join in to feel the benefits of breathwork and icebathing. Kristen also offers free counseling and relationship coaching. She herself has been through a huge battle with her physical and mental health and after almost dying from the ridiculous over medication she was being forced fed she went through the fire than rose again like a phoenix. Kristen has such a beautiful energy she is sharing with community to aid in the elevation of vibration of society. She believes that we must do our best to help everyone rise up, bring more joy, more peace, better mental physical health and have more belief more purpose in this precious life we are gifted. I know how valuable it would be for Kristen to come to this great meeting of minds so further expose her to more wisdom and inspired speakers to continue on this journey of spreading positivity, spreading these tools that can help build resilence and cultivate more inner connection to spirit self and the life force.
I believe kindness compassion and love can be spread in the community when you have cultivated these feelings for your own good self for your own life. The more you love and value your own life then you value all life and want to love all of life and nourish all of life and see it grow and flourish. Kristen is a great example of this. For years she hated herself and was stuck, through a dark chapter of almost dying is when she transformed and began to love and from this love she holds space for many people in the community to open up and expand into this energy of unbounded love, unbounded abundance and compassion. I really hope you consider Kristen for a pass. It would be so fantastic for her to meet wim Hoff and be in this energy of sharing and connection with these brilliant people who are doing great things for society and for themselves of course. Kristen no matter the weather or if she isn’t up to it, remains a devoted to her community events and Icebaths. She devotes her time to this because she knows community is so important. Bringing people together to motivate inspire share and connect, it’s so vital for the continuation of human kind to evolve. It’s not through technology it’s grassroots and getting back to the essentials where we can all meet each other and heal and grow from the ground up. Please grant Kristen a pass! It would be so valuable to both of us! And the tools and experience we have we can then share to the beautiful community we work with! Thank you for reading!